Taking the temperature of a beef roast is done by inserting a meat probe into the center most thickest part of the roast. Depending on what you are preparing from the roast determines the final cook temperature, the pull temperature, and how long you rest it before slicing it. If it is being served as a pot roast, you are going to cook it until it is done, 160⁰F or 71⁰C, of it is for sandwiches like sliced roast beef, you will cook the roast to 135⁰F or 51.6⁰C. It is important to understand that roast beef is one of the meats, as with steaks, where you can cook the meat safely to any temperature you like. It isn’t like poultry or pork where specific temperatures has to be reached to make it safe to eat. Always refer to a meat cooking temperature chart and use either a ChefsTemp Final Touch X10 Instant Read thermometer or a ChefsTemp Quad XPro oven probe thermometer with long distance remote.