Using-a-smoker thermometer-for-accurate-assessment

Using a Smoker Thermometer for Accurate Assessment

If you want to cook safe meat, you need the best BBQ thermometer. The best one provides accurate readings over its life. The poor one provides accurate readings when new and loses its accuracy over time. BBQ thermometers need to have excellent quality to withstand exposure to heat and water. Only a sturdy smoker thermometer can withstand the abuse that meat thermometers encounter. We will show you a number of the best thermometers to use when reading the internal cooking temperatures of meat. Also, we will discuss what you can do with your thermometer if it starts to generate inaccurate readings.

Why Avoid an Inaccurate Smoker Thermometer?

It is unwise to use an inaccurate thermometer when smoking meat. Such a device cannot show you the precise internal temperature of meat as it cooks. In addition, you have to stay near the grill and use your instincts to know when the meat cooks well. The trial and error method is unadvisable when cooking chicken meat, in particular, because it contains harmful salmonella bacteria.

An inaccurate grill thermometer can be useless to the chef even if it contains current technology features like bluetooth and wireless transmission. With it, a chef can mess up their cooking and feel disappointed. Having an inaccurate thermometer means that you will get incorrect readings every time. And if you get incorrect readings, you can serve undercooked or overcooked meat. One of the most accurate and waterproof thermometers you can find is ChefsTemp FinalTouch X10. Check it below.

Using-a-smoker thermometer-for-accurate-assessment

Checking the Best Food Thermometer for Inaccuracy

Using-a-smoker thermometer-for-accurate-assessment

The first consideration is choosing a smoker thermometer that has great reviews online. Our Infrared thermometer shown next is a great option.
After that, test it for accuracy at least one time a year. You can test it more regularly if you barbecue meat frequently. When you drop your device, carry out a quick test to know if it is still working. If it turns out that your device is not working, you can fix it. However, read the manual that came with your thermometer to know its specifications. If you own a Thermoworks Thermapen thermometer, it probably came with a certificate of calibration.

The specifications to read about include the temperature range, accuracy level at that temperature range, and the speed of delivering accurate results. Our devices return a reading in three seconds. There are two tests you can try to find out if your remote thermometer is still working. The first one is the boiling water test, the other one is an ice bath test. It is wise to run both tests to be sure about the result.

  • Boiling water test –To run the test, you should understand one fact. Although the boiling point of water is 212℉(100℃), water boils at varying temperatures based on atmospheric pressure and altitude. If you know the altitude of your region, you can use an online calculator to estimate the boiling point of water there. Also, note that soft water has a lower boiling point than hard water. Additionally, use a short pot with a wide brim to boil water. Ensure it reaches about four inches high and let it boil fully. Submerge your best cooking thermometer about 2 inches inside the boiling water. Use the probe to stir for ten seconds without touching the sides of the pot. Check the reading. If it is within the range 212℉(100℃) that the manufacturer recommends, it does not need calibration.


Using-a-smoker thermometer-for-accurate-assessment
Using-a-smoker thermometer-for-accurate-assessment
  • Ice bath test – Unlike the boiling water test, the ice bath test allows you to check the freezing point of your thermometer. So, find a tall glass jar and fill it with crushed ice cubes. Add cold water to ensure that there are no gaps between the fragments. Stir the mixture for fifteen seconds to level out the temperature. Put your thermometer probe about two inches into the water jar and stir for another fifteen seconds. Do not let the probe touch the sides of the container. Check the temp reading. If it is 32℉(0℃), there is no need to calibrate your smoker thermometer.

How Can you Calibrate an Inaccurate Instant Read Thermometer?

If your device fails the above tests, it requires an immediate calibration. Do not calibrate without referring to your product’s specifications. It might even be necessary to call the manufacturer to help you with the process. If using one of the most popular thermometers, you can calibrate it. Follow the manual to know where to find the calibration screws. Usually, the left screw calibrates to boiling point while the right one calibrates to zero. You can do an ice water calibration or a boiling water calibration.

When doing ice water calibration, put ice-cold water in a container first. Without letting the probe touch the sides of the pot, insert its tip into the water and stir. Wait until the temperature reading becomes stable. Gain access to the calibration screws and use a screwdriver to adjust the right side screw. Stop when your electronic meat thermometer reads 32F. Remove the probe from the water.

You should still carry out the boiling water calibration to ensure your smoker thermometer functions well at the freezing point and boiling point. So, dip the tip of the probe into a pot of boiling water and stir. Do not let the probe come into contact with the sides of the pot. After the reading stabilizes, flip the thermometer to view the left calibration screw. Use the same screwdriver to adjust the screw until the thermometer reading is 212℉(100℃).

Note that you can only calibrate some thermometers in a particular way. If you do not know how to do the exercise, call the manufacturer for help. To ensure that the instant read meat thermometer works properly after calibration, do not expose it to extreme heat it cannot handle. If you do it, your device will read internal temps of meat incorrectly and then fail. Does your thermometer have cables that attach to the probe? If yes, do not wrap the cables around the probe to avoid damaging them. Follow the manufacturer’s usage and maintenance tips to avoid abusing and damaging your digital meat thermometer.

Using-a-smoker thermometer-for-accurate-assessment

How to Extend the Life of Your Cooking Thermometer?

Extending the life of your cooking thermometer is important so that it lasts you for many years to come. Whether you are using an Instant read thermometer like the ChefsTemp Finaltouch X10 or an oven thermometer/thermocouple like the ChefsTemp Quad XPro. Both styles need to be cleaned after each use, the probes disconnected from the Quad Pro and put away, make sure you never set it inside the oven or next to an open flame, and always shut it off when not in use, as well as changing the batteries after a while or if you haven’t used it in a while. With the X10 make sure you clean the thermometer probe after each use, and close it when you are done using it, you will also need to calibrate both of them occasionally and check to make sure you have fresh batteries if you haven’t used it in a while. Never expose the X10 to a direct flame or leave it in the oven or inside a smoker or grill as that will cause premature failure of the thermometer.


An accurate smoker thermometer is everything when barbecuing meat. If yours is inaccurate, you might serve unsafe food. To ensure that your thermometer takes accurate readings, test it for accuracy often. We have discussed how you can do that at home. If you are not sure of any of these processes, call the brand that made your thermometer for advice. Once you restore your gadget, cook your favorite meat without fear.

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