ChefsTemp What Is the Best Meat Thermometer for Every Meat Cut

What Is the Best Meat Thermometer for Every Meat Cut?

Cooking food for our loved ones is always delightful. Cooking food, especially when it comes to cooking meat, the yummy recipe, the best ingredients, and all the efforts of the cook combine to make it the best outcome. Meat thermometers have a great deal in making the food healthy and tasty. All the facts about the best meat thermometerand using it to the maximum are discussed here.

ChefsTemp What Is the Best Meat Thermometer for Every Meat Cut?

Why should every kitchen have the best meat thermometer?

While cooking meat, it’s not only important to cook it tasty but it’s a must to cook it at the proper temperature so that it is safe, free from bacteria and other harms. Often people decide that the cooking of meat is done just by seeing the color or with the smell or with a timer, but it could spoil the taste and health because cooking at the correct temperature is a must. The best meat thermometer would be your best friend in attaining it.

Cooked Chicken

How to use a meat thermometer to know the temperature of the meat?

To know the temperature of the meat (chicken, fish, pork, etc.) while cooking, the meat thermometer should be placed in the center portion of the meat. To know the center part, first insert the stem of the best meat thermometer into the meat, to the whole. Now it may come out on the opposite side, now slowly take it out, when the thermometerreaches the center part of the meat, it would show a relatively low temperature. That would be the center part of the meat. The thermometer should not be touching the bone but should be placed near it.

Know the recommended internal temperature for every meat

Let’s first get acquainted with the guidelines provided by the USDA regarding the internal temperature of the different kinds of meat. When we cook poultry like chicken, duck, etc. The minimum internal temp must be 165°F or 73.9°C. Pork, beef, steaks must be cooked at a minimum of 145°F or 62.8°C and must be given a resting time of at least 3 minutes to get a safe one. For meat that is ground 160°F or 71.1°C is the minimum temp. Cooking meat in rare and medium-rare temperatures (i.e., below 140°F or 60°C) is not recommended. Whereas for ground poultry 165°F or 73.9°C is recommended. Raw ham must be cooked at 145°F or 62.8°C and the same temperature is recommended for fish and shellfish also.

Instant-read meat thermometer

An instant-read meat thermometer can be used to check the temperature, by just placing the stem of the instrument in the center part of the meat while it’s cooking. Generally, the instant thermometers are not kept inside the oven or in the grill, the name instant is because within a few seconds it reads the temperature, and then we can remove it. It’s best suited for thin cut meats. The main advantage of the instant-read meat thermometer is that it’s very quick and displays the temperature in a few seconds in digital format when compared to the analog type thermometers which take a pretty long time to show the temperature. With this instrument, we can check different parts of the meat and confirm that all the parts are cooked well.

ChefsTemp What Is the Best Meat Thermometer for Every Meat Cut

Smoker thermometer

Smoking meat is a different scenario in which the process goes for a long time and the continuous monitoring of the temperature is much needed. While smoking the meat, not only the internal temperature of the meat is taken into account, but the outer temperature in which the meat is cooked is also needed to be considered. A smoker thermometer is designed in such a way that it works using wireless technology. The probes are inserted in the meat and if a temperature alarm is set, it intimates through the alarm when temperature increases or decreases compared to the preset temperature.

Temperature danger zone

Cooking food at the correct temperature is important. Likewise maintaining the cooked as well as the uncooked meat at the proper temperature is also important. The cold meat should be kept at or less than 41°F or 5°C and hot meat should be kept at or above 135°F or 57°C. When the meat is kept at a temperature between 41°F or 5°C and 135°F or 57°C, the food gets contaminated because it is more viable for the growth of bacteria. If for more than 4 hrs the meat is kept at room temperature, it is better not to consume them. They are more prone to bacterial attack, and a study says that 10% of the diseases of human beings are due to consuming contaminated food. So, with a kitchen thermometer, it is always good to check the meat and maintain it at the proper temperature. When cooked meat is stored in hot holding equipment, before storing the meat must be heated at or above 135°F or 57°C, because the hot holding equipment will only retain the temperature, it won’t heat it.

Latest and best meat thermometers of 2022

ChefsTemp The Biggest Mistakes You Make When Using an Instant Read Thermometer

If you intend to buy a new instant-read meat thermometer, ChefsTemp Final touch X10 would be the best choice. The latest technology, quick functionality, and most accurate product with an elegant look and style. The bold display of temperature in black background with white letters makes it easy to know the temperature. The interesting feature of the product is its 270° rotatable probe and the automatic rotation of the display. The magnetic backing is an additional advantage of the thermometer, which enables easy placement in the kitchen.

If you are interested in a smoker thermometer then the wise choice will be ChefsTemp Quad XPro Long-Range Remote BBQ Alarm Thermometer. This Quad XPro thermometer ensures continuous monitoring of the meat with a cable that has 700° withstanding capacity. It gives you the freedom to monitor the food upto a range of 500 feet transmission and a quick time of 38 seconds to do that.


Having the best meat thermometer makes cooking easy and tasty. Getting the latest brand with advanced technology that too at an affordable price is the wise step in happy cooking.

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