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Cook a Steak Like a MasterChef Using a Steak Temperature Chart

Cooking steak is an art. The steak may have any type of cut, like a Filet Mignon, a New York strip, or a T-bone cut. But many times, just a slight miss in the temperature may make the steak lose its exotic taste. To have a tasty steak done, a few tips and nuances are needed regarding not only the ingredients but also the time and temperature at which it is cooked. Using the steak temperature chart and the best meat thermometer would give the best results.

ChefsTemp Cook a Steak Like a Masterchef Using a Steak Temperature Chart

What is a steak temperature chart?

ChefsTemp Cook a Steak Like a Masterchef Using a Steak Temperature Chart

Before stepping into cooking a steak, one should know that there are several ways to cook a steak, ranging from bleu to well done. The temperature at which the meat is cooked determines how it is cooked. The prescribed temperatures for the different stages of cooking a steak are known as a “steak temperature chart“. Firstly, one should decide the temperature at which the steak is cooked. The next part is to know that the steak is cooked at the desired temperature. For that, a meat thermometer would be of great help to anyone, be they a beginner or an expert. Because judging the doneness of the steak by its color or its smell would often spoil the dish.

Steak temperature chart

Around the world, steak is served in different styles based on the temperature at which it’s cooked. Of course, uncooked raw steaks are also served in a French-style tartare with shoestring fries and in a Belgian toast cannibal with mayonnaise, lemon juice, and egg yolk, and there are so many varieties there.

For cooking the steak, the following steak temperature chart will be the best guide.

Type Temperature Colour
Blue 110°F (43°C) Red in the center remaining cool
Rare 120° to 130°F (49° to 54°C) Warm red center
Medium-rare 130° to 145°F (54° to 63°C) Lighter red
Medium 145° to 160°F (63° to 71°C) Faded red
Well done 160° to 170°F (71° to 77°C) Gray-brown

One should keep in mind that, according to the USDA, cooking meat below 145°F (63°C)is not safe. The cooking medium is also an important factor. When cooking on a stove, grill, or oven, the rate at which the heat is applied to the steak may vary. An instant-read meat thermometer would be a safe way to know the exact temperature of the steak.

You can stick a meat temperature chart magnet on the refrigerator or grill, to check the target temperature at any time.

Cook like a MasterChef 

There are a few small but important things that decide the class of any meal cooked. The ingredients, the recipe, and the timing may all be the same. Even then, there could be a great difference in taste. It’s the subtle nuances that make the results magical. Let’s see some important things that should be kept in mind before cooking a steak.

ChefsTemp Cook a Steak Like a Masterchef Using a Steak Temperature Chart
  • The very first step in cooking a steak is thawing, which means bringing the steak to room temperature. To get a better result, always place the meat in the refrigerator overnight rather than in the freezer if you are planning to cook the steak the next day. If you missed it, then the shortcut is to put the vacuum-packed steak in water at room temperature for at least half an hour. It would bring the steak to room temperature.
  • The next step is to season the steak. There are a number of seasonings available on the market. One can use any of them. The simple yet tasty one is to rub sea salt and fresh pepper. Using cooking or olive oil would be an added flavor. At least half an hour must be given after seasoning so that the seasoning gets into the steaks.
  • If the meat is going to be cooked on a grill, preheat the grill, and it would be good if some oil was coated over the grill grates. If it’s cooked in a pan on the stove, make sure that the pan is heated well before placing the steaks in it. It would prevent the tasty outer layer from getting stuck in the grill grates.
  • Choosing a well-marbled steak would be tastier as the fat content that is in the meat that gives the marble look would melt when cooked and would give a juicy, tasty steak.
  • When slightly more than half the steak is done, flip the steak to the next side. Allow the steak to get cooked on both sides. But flipping often is not advised.
  • Often, opening the lid of the grill would reduce the heat, so it should not be done.
  • The most important thing is to check the temperature of the steak using a meat thermometer or BBQ thermometer as per your choice.
ChefsTemp Care and Maintenance Tips for Using your Kitchen Thermometer Accurately
  • Cooking according to the temperature in the steak temperature chartwill give the desired result. The temperature difference between different types of cooked steak, like rare, medium, etc., is only a few degrees. So, using an instant-read meat thermometer would be very precise in knowing the temperature change.
  • But yet another important thing regarding the temperature is the resting time to be given to the steak. A cooked steak would continue to get heated up even after being taken out of the fire. So, always take the steaks out of the fire a few degrees before they reach the desired temperature. For instance, if one wishes to cook the steak medium, take the steak at around 150 to 155°F (66° to 68°C) , then it would get up to 160°F (71°C).
  • Giving a resting time of 10 to 15 minutes would allow the juices in the steak to get spread all over the steak and give it an exotic taste. So cut the steak after giving it a proper resting time.
  • The leftover steak must be treated, taking into account the temperature danger zones, and should be preserved accordingly.

Following all these tips and getting the steak done as per the steak temperature chart by using a meat thermometer, even a beginner can cook a steak like a MasterChef.

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