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ChefsTemp Finaltouch X10: BBQ Meat Like a Boss

Summertime is one of the most anticipated BBQ seasons. It’s the best time to have a family or friends gathering in your backyard while enjoying unique flavors of grilled meat and veggies. It’s a great time to create beautiful memories and to give your family members and friends a comeback reason by ensuring that you serve them quality. Therefore, you need skills on how to prepare, treat, spice, grill, smoke, and cured meat. You also need a bbq meat thermometer to maintain the right internal temperatures when smoking. Having this knowledge, no doubt you will end up with perfectly grilled BBQ that is oozing with juices and flavor.

ChefsTemp How to Use a Grill Thermometer to Achieve the Best Juicy Meat

Perfect BBQ Requirements

The following are the basic requirements that will earn you a BBQ hero title:

1. Choose your smoker

You will need a smoker, either gas, electric, or charcoal, the choice is entirely yours. Let us look at each one of them.

1. Electric Smoker – It is the easiest to use since you can regulate the temperature by just pressing a knob. Heat produced causes the wood to smoke thus serving you your desired flavor. It’s easy to use since you can adjust to your optimum temperature and leave it. You will be required to add more wood while checking your meat occasionally. The only disadvantage is that you can end up spending more on electricity.

2. Gas Smoker – Though it requires more attention, it’s cheaper compared to the electric smoker. It uses a gas flame and a propane cylinder to smoke the wood. Since it’s difficult to predict the amount of propane to be consumed, you need at least two bottles at hand in case one depletes when smoking that beef steak. Check the temperature more often since you are controlling it manually. Alternatively, you can save yourself from the anxiety of unpredictable temperatures by using a Chefstemp Finaltouch X10 instant read thermometer.

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3. Charcoal Smoker – Though it’s a bit complicated to operate and requires close attention, with a little bit of learning you can use it. They surpass all other smokers by far in their benefits. You get that rich flavor and the ability to operate this type of smoker gives you deep satisfaction. The art of BBQ lies here and that’s why using a charcoal smoker accompanied with the best meat thermometer is highly recommended by renowned chefs for a perfect BBQ eat.

2. Choose your wood wisely

Having sorted out the type of smoker to use for a perfect BBQ meat, we need to identify the best wood chips that will give us the best flavor. There is quite a variety of wood chips to choose from, but our focus will be on the top 5.

ChefsTemp Finaltouch X10

1. Cherry – If you are looking for a mild and fruity flavor on your chicken thighs or pork tenderloins, cherry wood chips will give exactly that especially if blended with oak or hickory wood chips.

2. Apple – They are fruity and sweet flavored and produce a lighter smoke compared to other wood chips. With apple woods, your fish fillets have never been so juicy and aromatic.

3. Mesquite – If you are looking to have that potent flavor with your veggies, here is a perfect wood. Make sure to use the right amount so you don’t ruin your desired flavor. You can as well use them with other types of wood.

4. Pecan – It blends perfectly with mesquite producing a sweet, nutty flavor. If you are looking for those juicy fall-off BBQ ribs, you got the best choice.

5. Hickory – You have not tasted a rich flavor in any of your smoked or grilled red meat yet if you have not yet tried a traditional wood like hickory. It gives your grilled lamb or pork chops a perfect flavor that leaves you wanting more.

3. Choose what to grill

Whether vegetables or meat, make sure that whatever you choose to grill is easily affordable and at your reach. You can have pork, turkey, beef or even fish. The cuts should be perfect to suit your mode of cooking. For example, you can have fatty meat for smoking since those fats are turned into natural layer that adds flavor to your beef steak and preserves moisture.

ChefsTemp Finaltouch X10

4. Marinating/Brining

Brining is a crucial step that you should not miss if you want sizzling and juicy meat. It is simply a mixture of salt and water and can be used for all types of meat. Soak your meat for at least 12 hours before grilling or smoking.

5. Choose your spices

Fresh spices are rich in flavor compared with those spices that you have stored in your jar for a couple of months. Therefore, you need fresh spices for a perfect rub.

6. BBQ tools

BBQ scrapers and tongs should be longer than those you use regularly in your kitchen to keep your hands away from the flames. Use metal utensils with heat-resistant handles and use a non-scratch scrubber for cleaning. Also, ensure you have a BBQ rack and Aluminum foil, especially for light meat.

7. A digital meat thermometer

Some barbecue cooks determine meat doneness by feeling the texture of the cooking meat. We all know that this is just a myth, and you may end up with a lump of overcooked meat if not a lump of undercooked meat. A quality meat thermometer takes the guesswork out of barbecuing. ChefsTemp Finaltouch X10 instant-read thermometer takes your cooking to an entirely new level. It’s rated to be the No. 1 meat thermometer by chefs from all over the world due to its exemptional features.

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It is accurate and fast giving you instant results in 1-3 seconds. The probe can rotate for up to 270° making it ideal for left-handed. You can easily stack it on a metal surface. It has an intelligent backlight that makes it perfect to use even at night. It has a sensor that causes it to turn on immediately you pick and turn off when you put it down. It has a large display with large figures for easy reading. It is waterproof therefore no need to worry about spillages and cleaning.

Simply insert the probe at the thickest part of your steak. Avoid the bone and the fatty parts as this may interfere with your readings.

In conclusion, A ChefsTemp Finaltouch X10 instant-read thermometer is the real deal in having that perfect summer BBQ. It is the only sure way to determine the internal temperatures of your beef steaks thus protecting your family and friends from foodborne illness. With the best bbq thermometer, you will surely BBQ meat like a pro.

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