Indirect Heat: Grilling Tri-Tip

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Tri-tip comes from the lower part of the loin region, it has an arbitrary shape and does not contain any center bone. This makes it juicier and tender. It is one of the types of cuts that comes from the cows.

Tri-tip is a clean and succulent cut of beef from the bottom of the split that has a rich, meaty taste. For the greatest outcomes, its thickness necessitates some more heat until it’s done well. The grilling procedure is key to getting this soft, delicious cut exactly right, and temperature monitoring is crucial at every stage. Continue reading for the crucial temperatures you’ll need, then grill one up soon.

The part of cow muscles below the loin or sirloin region in a triangular shape is called the Tri-Tip cut. It is great quality meat with not too high prices and easily available in the market. This sort of cut does not have good quantities of fats and this causes it to get stiff quite sooner it gets cooked a little more than the actual recommended time.

After tenderloin, tri-tip is one of the scrumptious and soft meats that gets melted into your mouth as soon as you have a bite.

What is Tri-Tip Cut


It is one of its kind in the whole cow body with a triangular shape, 8 inches in length, and 3 to 4 inches in width. The corners are slim and prone to get burnt even when slightly overcooked. This tri-tip recipe’s easiness is one of our favorites. All you’ll need is the beef, your preferred dry rub or simply salt and pepper, a grill, and the correct thermometer. You don’t want to overpower tri-tip with heavy marination or sauce since it’s so juicy and tasty. One serves it over a side salad, in beef tortillas, or hamburgers.

Tri-Tip Grilling Techniques

Smoking tri-tip is one of the simplest ways to get your barbeque craving fulfilled. Besides, it does not need a range of various sauces to be applied before placing on the grill.

Preheat the grill and marinate the cut with dry spices or just the way you like to have it. Place the meat in the indirect heat zone of the grill where meat does not get in contact with direct heat.

Flip it every 7 to 8 mins and keep on brushing with a little oil on each side.

Keep a food thermometer and remove it from the heat source once it reaches the temperature of 120°F (48°C). Now let it meet the direct zone and cook for just 5 minutes or less. As soon as you find the color is changing, dish it out and after a few minutes rest, serve the foodies with soft and savory tri-tip along with the ketchup or your favorite barbeque sauce.

Direct Heat Zone

The area on the grill that contains coal directly beneath it and offers burning heat temperatures is termed as a direct heat zone.

Indirect Heat Zone

The area on the grill right adjacent to the direct zone with a bit of lower temperature as compared to the direct zone is the “Indirect Heat Zone”. Grilling or cooking over an open fire is referred to as both direct and indirect heat. Direct heat refers to cooking food directly over a heat source, whereas indirect heat refers to cooking near the heat source. Amongst the most proficient ways to utilize the grill is to employ a mix of different heat for searing and indirect heat for lengthy, slow cooking.

Most Suitable Internal Temps



130°–135°F or 54–57°C

Medium rare

135°–145°F or 57–63°C


220°F or 104°C

Well done

Select the Type of Thermometer You Require

Meat thermometers come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The digital and the analog are the two most basic kinds. These are low-cost and easy-to-find solutions. The analog thermometers take a long time to deliver a temperature reading and aren’t as precise as other options. Furthermore, its glass components are prone to breakage.

  • A digital instant-read thermometer provides immediate readout and is simple to operate.
  • A digital probed thermometer, which links a probe inserted into the meat to a separate device with a temperature reading and programmable alarm settings, is ideal for preparing or smoking bigger chunks of meat for lengthy periods, such as chicken or beef roast.


Grilling can be fun and a learning experience when done the right way following all the right steps. Tri-tip is cooked generally on the grill because of the indirect cooking temperatures it needs to get well-done in a specified time.

Besides, it is necessary to use a food thermometer to constantly gauge the internal temperature and avoid any burning and getting hard and flavorless. Food thermometers are the best to make you the perfect chef in front of the guests even if you are a beginner and planning to be the next Gordan Ramsey in just making steaks and other meaty items.

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