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How Do You Know Your Ribs Are Done? 

The summers are on the way and we know many of you are planning to make this Memorial or Independence Day even more special with friends and family. Since it is the best season to have a cookout arranged in your backyard and even the most suitable time to get to know a friend or a new member who just got married into your family.

It is a good idea to have more than one or two BBQ items on the list. However, this blog is for you if there are ribs on the menu as well. Stop thinking of the last time your ribs got hard or burnt and spoiled the evening you had decided to have fun on. Just go through the following tricks and get ready to serve your guests with the most scrumptious ribs ever.

Although cooking ribs is not that simple specifically if you are a beginner, you need to go through certain guidelines to avoid any of the unprecedented situations. Besides, careful handling also plays a key role to get the best results in the end.

Often, experts also fail to meet the expected outcome. The reason behind this is that there are many sorts of ribs that require different methods and slightly varying temperatures to get well done. Temperature is the real game-changer that can cause them to dry or remain juicy giving your taste buds a malty and creamy sensation.

ChefsTemp How Do You Know Your Ribs Are Done

Ribs Grilling Tactics

Often people make the mistake of cooking the ribs on too high heat thereby they lose all the juices and the taste as well. Before that, it is essential to identify what animal ribs you want to grill because as we mentioned above every king needs a specific temperature before landing on the plates.

Following are the gem tips and tricks to grab the title of master chef after your next cookout.

Tip No. 1: The Par Boiling Technique 

Parboiling refers to the combination of two words partial and boiling.  It is also recommended to semi boil the ribs to make them even more tenderized before placing them on the red hot grill.

The grilling pundits deem it very important to soak the ribs into boiling water for at least a few minutes until a portion of it gets softened. This makes it way easier and saves too much time for the meat to get unstiffen. Since ribs and meat around them is very hard in the raw form therefore a double method of cooking is employed.

Tip No. 2: Every Time You Cook, Practice the Dry Rub

A thoroughly blended mixture of various taste-developing spices like cinnamon, salt, pepper, and occasionally sugar are used to make dry rubs. A simple “rub” using table salt will guarantee that the ribs are as delicious as possible. The grease on the exterior of the rib due to the fats will soften and mingle with the spices, making a delicious superficial crust. Sugar in a dry rub allows for a little caramel-like texture and taste, which combined with the entire process results in a rib that’s even more wonderful.

ChefsTemp How Do You Know Your Ribs Are Done

Tip No. 3: Apply the Sauces and Marinate  

It is up to you whether or not to apply sauces before grilling or after the meat is done. Most people love to have ribs with sauces perfectly blended into the soft meat imparting your taste buds the best experience.

Generally, BBQ lovers apply sugar syrup and mustard sauce to the meat along with black pepper and salt. This turns out to be the best combination of spices enhancing the flavor and aroma.

ChefsTemp How Do You Know Your Ribs Are Done

Tip No. 4: Should be Cooked on a Low Heat Setting in the Beginning

Beef, lamb, or pork generally demand a considerable amount of time to get ready and on low or medium heat. After boiling, wrap them in foil and then place them on the cooler side of the grill. The cooler side of the grill? This is a bit confusing but let us help you understand. Well, the area under the grill, where there are no or very few coals are burning is the best for the ribs to absorb mild heat before getting into the red hot area.

Other than that, if cooking in a gas oven, make it flaming hot then turn off one or two burners. Put the foiled ribs on the grill inside the oven and leave it until softens.

Tip No. 5: Invest in a Good Thermometer

ChefsTemp Temperature Danger Zone Why Is It Important

Using thermometers to find out the required temperature during the cooking process is an essential practice to evenly cook the ribs both inside out.

Technology has made it quite possible to gauge the temperature of many things. Many expert chefs suggest using different sorts of thermometers to get the exact idea whether the ribs are done or not adding more to their expertise.

We have brought another advanced thermal device that lets you know the status if the meat is cooked or needs some more time to be smoked. The Finaltouch X10 thermometer is a smart device capable of gauging the heat deep inside the meat accurately.

It has multiple features such as a 270 degree rota table probe along with a large temperature display. It gets activated with just a slight touch making it a motion sensitive device. Besides, an IP67 water resistant feature makes it even more attractive to cope with the maximum of 1 meter of water. So don’t worry if it slips out of your palm into a shallow water container.

Most astoundingly, X10 holds a battery power of 3000hr giving a leverage to be used for days without recharging it.

Confused about whether the Ribs are Done or not?

Cooking is a challenging task but it doesn’t mean that only a few among us can do this. To be a good chef it is necessary to go along with certain guidelines and keep the meals from getting ruined. For now, we have to find out the ways to learn if the ribs are done or not while cooking as a beginner or like a regular cook.

Try a few important techniques to find out the softness level of the meat. Use a forceps and bend the rib bone, if it turns into easily tearing the meat, you have got the results. Use a fork or a toothpick and force it into the meat. The ribs are meant to be ready if any one of the two things slides without experiencing stiffness.

ChefsTemp How Do You Know Your Ribs Are Done

Grab the meat using lips and pull, if it gets detached and shows the white bone area. Take it out into the platter.

The color of the applied sauces or the outer skin is an indicator and helps to figure out if the food is cooked or not. The roasted sauce will form a crispy layer if it had sugar in it and get slightly burnt showing that the meat is ready to be served.


There is always a solution to every problem. In case the ribs get hard and unable to be eaten, make a batter of apple cider vinegar and barbecue sauce. Apply on the meat and then place a very low heat for a few minutes.

This will again restore all the juices of the meat saving your cookout day. Besides, take extreme care of the temperature throughout the cooking process.

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