Juicy Goosey Barbecue

Juicy Goosey Barbecue with ChefsTemp Finaltouch X10

Barbecued goose makes the Christmas celebrations a happy occasion to cherish, but cooking a goose is a little bit difficult for many as it contains more fat. The trick to cooking a goose is to get the fat out of it. Some basic nuances and using ChefsTemp Finaltouch X10 would never let you down.

Why Use a ChefsTemp Finaltouch X10 When Cooking a Goose?

Cooking goose on a BBQ is a process that needs patience as it takes hours to get it done. At the same time, having good control over the temperature is more important to get the goose done well. Overcooking or undercooking would spoil the dish as well as your health. The ChefsTemp Finaltouch X10 thermometer is the best recommended instant-read meat thermometer that is available on the market. It reads the temperature within a second and makes it easy to adjust the temperature.

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Since most poultry meat contains dangerous bacteria like salmonella, the USDA recommends cooking it at or above 165°F (73℃). To get them killed, the meat must be cooked at 165°F (73℃) using a meat thermometer. To ensure the correct temperature while cooking the goose, a ChefsTemp Finaltouch X10 is a wise decision because it gives an accurate reading every time.

Barbequed Juicy Goosey

The following are the steps to be followed in cooking goose meat.

  • Bring the goose to room temperature either by refrigerating overnight or by the cold water method. Be mindful of the temperature danger zone. Using a kitchen thermometer would be a safe way to know the temperatures.
  • Preparing the goose meat is the first step in cooking a goose. Pour some hot water all over the bird so that the fat beneath the skin of the bird is separated. Pat, it with a paper towel to get the moisture out. Rub some rock salt all over the meat and refrigerate it overnight.
Barbequed juicy Goosey
  • Before starting to cook a goose, it is best to remove the lateral part of the wings. If any, remove excess fat.
  • The next step is to make a gentle cut over the skin of the goose’s front and back, which would allow the fat to come out while cooking. Be careful that the cut is made only in the skin and not in the flesh.
  • Seasoning the goose with a mixture of some pepper powder, spice mix powder, garlic powder, and grated peel of orange and lime would give an interesting flavor to the dish.
  • Put some pieces of orange into the cavity that is available in the goose. It would add a good aroma to the dish.
  • Rub the mix all over the goose and allow it to rest for at least an hour. It would help the meat absorb all the flavors.
  • Pre-heat the BBQ at a temperature of around 350°F to 375°F (176 to 190℃).
  • Place a roasting pan and place the rack on it.
  • Place the marinated goose on the rack and put the pan on the preheated BBQ.
  • The fat that is melted off will be collected in the roasting pan. The fat can be stored in the refrigerator for a year, and many delicious dishes can be prepared using it. Roasting potatoes and vegetables with that fat would be the best accompaniment for the goose.
  • Check the internal temperature of the goose using the ChefsTemp Finaltouch X10.
  • The reverse sear method of cooking at a low temperature for a long time at the required temperature when the entire part is done well is a way to get the meat done well.
  • The internal temperature must not be less than 165°F (73℃). Getting it done up to 175°F (79℃) would make the dish perfect.
  • Remove the goose from the fire when it reaches 175°F (79℃) and set it aside to rest.
  • At that resting time, the meat will still be cooking inside and get an increase in temperature. It can reach 180°F (82℃), which is the desired temperature.
  • The juicy goosey is ready to eat.

What is Special about ChefsTemp Finaltouch X10?

The ChefsTemp Finaltouch X10 thermometer is the latest model of instant-read meat thermometer that gives fast and accurate readings. This thermometer has the latest technology and is safe to use indoors and outdoors. The product has a 4-inch long probe that has a type K thermocouple that reads the temperature in a second. The best part is that it is so accurate even though it reads it fast. It has a temperature range of -22 to 572°F (-5 to 300℃). It has an intelligent display that rotates 180 degrees to enable easy reading of the temperature when we place the thermometer in any position. The display is quite large enough so that we can see the readings easily. The display is white on a black background and is clearly visible in daytime and nighttime light. The thermometer is waterproof and does not need to worry about getting splashed with water. The probe of the product is 270 degrees rotatable, enabling us to place it in different positions, and is easy for even left-handed people. Two AAA batteries are enough to get power to this excellent instrument, and it is designed in such a way that it gets turned off in 60 seconds when not used and turns on automatically when picked up. The battery has a life of up to 3000 hours. So, there is no need to change the batteries often. An additional advantage of the tool is that it has a magnetic backing, which allows the instrument to be stuck to any steel surface, like on the fridge door, in the steel rack, etc., making it easy to place it in the kitchen.

ChefsTemp Finaltouch X10 is the best kitchen tool that helps in cooking meat, sugar syrup, candies, and all sort of cooking where temperature control plays a vital role.

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