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Professional thermocouple probe sensor with 1 second reading time, this pocket size kitchen gadget is suitable for both professional chefs and home cooks. Pocket Pro is another amazing innovation from ChefsTemp. It is a 4-way rotating display thermometer, which means it will detect your holding angle and rotate the display accordingly. Convenient for both left and right hand users!
4 vibrant colors to choose from: Nobility Blue, Iced Mango, Lime Zest and Tiffany Blue.

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The ChefsTemp Pocket Pro thermometer is a simple, yet highly effective and lightning fast culinary tech tool made for any type of cook for any type of cooking environment, providing accurate temperature readings within 1 second. Made for amateurs or professionals, this easy-to-use and intuitive design features a backlight display with auto-rotating big digits that are clearly visible. Providing precision every time, the ChefsTemp Pocket Pro is also splash-proof ensuring durability. At an affordable price, this product will allow cooks of all types to experience the innovative culinary capabilities of the ChefsTemp Pocket Pro without breaking the bank. Made with a built-in lithium battery and Type-C plug for super-fast charging, you will not have to worry about replacing the battery. Experience the convenience of the ChefsTemp Pocket Pro, making your cooking, baking, roasting, or grilling routine easier than ever before.


RANGE: -22 to 572°F (-30 to 300°C)
ACCURACY:±0.7℉(±0.4℃) from 32 to 212°F(0 to 100°C), otherwise±1.8℉(±1℃)
±3°F (±1.5°C) from 392 to 572°F (200 to 300°C);
RESOLUTION: Factory set to 0.1 °
RESPONSE TIME: 1 second readout (Speed in oil is slightly slower than in water)
PROBE: 4.5 L x 0.1 inch dia. reduces to 0.06 inches dia.
(114 L x 2.5 mm dia. reduces to 1.5 mm dia.)
OPERATING RANGE: 14 to 140°F (-10 to 60°C)
AUTO-OFF: After 10 minutes  AUTO BACKLIGHT: 15 seconds
BATTERY: 3.7 V lithium battery, Type-C plug
DISPLAY: 1.13 H x 0.56 W inches (28.9 H x 14.4 W mm)
PRODUCT SIZE: 7.1 H x 2.08 W x 0.74 D inches (180.5 H x 53 W x 19 D mm)



Contact us: If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email.

YouTube video
YouTube video
YouTube video


79 reviews for ChefsTemp Pocket Pro Digital Thermometer

  1. 243ae3f73ccca3927fd8f14149f75936?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    Jack J (verified owner)

    Got this for my chef boyfriend, he loves it very much!

  2. 243ae3f73ccca3927fd8f14149f75936?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    BBQ (verified owner)

    Works great. I bought another for my coworker.

  3. 243ae3f73ccca3927fd8f14149f75936?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    Karen (verified owner)

    I’m so glad I bought this product. I use it to check the temperature of pork, and chicken. This has allowed me to quickly determine the temp and to not overcook meats to ensure they are done.

  4. 243ae3f73ccca3927fd8f14149f75936?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    Mark H. (verified owner)

    This can be charged! Great idea. I love it!

  5. 243ae3f73ccca3927fd8f14149f75936?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    Brad (verified owner)

    Pretty solid product, easy to handle and use. Good for daily bakery and cooking as well.

  6. 243ae3f73ccca3927fd8f14149f75936?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    Ryan (verified owner)

    Thanks to this thermometer, we made a perfect dinner for my family.

  7. 243ae3f73ccca3927fd8f14149f75936?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    Roger (verified owner)

    Work in a restaurant and use this temperature very frequently. Very useful and quick.

  8. 243ae3f73ccca3927fd8f14149f75936?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    Harvey (verified owner)

    This thermometer turns on quickly, has a very readable display, gets temperatures accurately and quickly.

  9. 243ae3f73ccca3927fd8f14149f75936?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    Tommy (verified owner)

    This is a very responsive instant read thermometer. Easy to use, easy to wash, the HOLD function is very useful. You will not be disappointed with this product.

  10. 243ae3f73ccca3927fd8f14149f75936?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    Albert (verified owner)

    Love it so much easier to cook turkey now and not worry about over-cooking! One of the best things I have purchased.

  11. 243ae3f73ccca3927fd8f14149f75936?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    Robbie Kibbe (verified owner)

    Perfect for chef in the kitchen. Quick read and accurate.

  12. 243ae3f73ccca3927fd8f14149f75936?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    Vince (verified owner)

    An accurate and inexpensive instant read thermometer. In the brief time I’ve had it, has given reliable readings. It does come with a removable cover for the sharp-tipped probe itself.

  13. 243ae3f73ccca3927fd8f14149f75936?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    Brad (verified owner)

    A neatly designed kitchen gadget. I just had to test it for accuracy and am pleased with the results. Can very quickly get a reading , and I don’t have to spend a long time poking about a hot oven!

  14. 243ae3f73ccca3927fd8f14149f75936?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    Tim (verified owner)

    Easy to use and its small size makes getting temperture readings effortless.

  15. 243ae3f73ccca3927fd8f14149f75936?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    Cox (verified owner)

    Definitely would recommend to my colleagues.

  16. 243ae3f73ccca3927fd8f14149f75936?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    Bruce (verified owner)

    Quick temperature reading and handy. Best cooking tool I have ever had.

  17. 243ae3f73ccca3927fd8f14149f75936?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    John (verified owner)

    Works well. Easy to use. A true must have for any serious cook. We use it to temp meats, bread, cakes, cheesecake, custard, pumpkin pie, hot oil, sugar syrup etc.

  18. 243ae3f73ccca3927fd8f14149f75936?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    Everett (verified owner)

    Takes the temp quick and is very accurate compared to other probe thermometers. Great price for the value!

  19. 243ae3f73ccca3927fd8f14149f75936?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    John (verified owner)

    Great thermometer. Very fast and accurate. I use it for steaks, chicken, fish, etc. and get great results. I like the magnets and I keep this on my fridge and then put it on my range hood when cooking.

  20. 243ae3f73ccca3927fd8f14149f75936?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    Lisa (verified owner)

    Easy to use and store. I like that it comes with a cover.it works well and is an important kitchen tool. Great value for your money.

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Q: Can I use a wireless meat thermometer in the oven?

A: Using a wireless meat thermometer in the oven provides you with the convenience of monitoring the temperature remotely without constantly opening the oven, which helps maintain a consistent cooking environment.

Q: Can I use a wireless meat thermometer in a grill?

A: Yes, you can use a wireless meat thermometer in a grill. Wireless meat thermometers are versatile and suitable for various cooking methods, including grilling.

Q: How do wireless meat thermometers work?

A: Wireless meat thermometers work by using a probe inserted into the meat, which sends temperature data to a receiver or smartphone app. The receiver displays the current temperature and alerts you when the desired temperature is reached.

Q: Can I leave a wireless meat thermometer in the meat while it cooks?

A: It’s generally safe to leave a wireless meat thermometer in the meat throughout the cooking process. However, for very long cooking times, you should check the manufacturer’s guidelines as extended exposure to high heat might affect the probe.

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