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Steak, Chops and Roasts should be cooked to 145 degrees Fahrenheit – Cooked to a classic Medium.


  • Medium Rare – 130 – 135 (Pink)
  • Medium 135 – 145 (Some Pink)
  • Medium Plus – 150 (A little Pink)
  • Well 145 – 155 (Silver of Light Pink)
  • Well Done 155 – 165 (Mostly Brown)


Chicken and Turkey should be cooked to 165 degrees Fahrenheit.


Fish and Shellfish should be cooked to 145 degrees Fahrenheit.


USDA Safe temp is 145℉.
Pork Ribs-BBQ:190-205℉
Pork Shoulder-BBQ:190-205℉



  • Safe Cook Temp Magnet. Easy to understand information and images will allow you to cook meat perfectly and safely every time. You will be able to create perfectly cooked meat through careful monitoring of temperature.
  • The temperature guide magnet is made of high quality vinyl that won’t flake or chip. It is heavy duty, with a powerful backing that will not fall off your fridge. Water resistant and easy to clean, it will live on your refrigerator for years to come. High quality production, design, form and function.
  • USDA Recommended safe minimum internal meat temperatures. Cooking & grill guide for chicken, turkey, beef steak, pork and more. Safely monitor the cooking and grilling of meats, and prevent overcooking.A wonderful gift for anyone new to the pressure cooker scene.
  • 3.5×2.4 inch in size,small enough to be conveniently placed on a grill or refrigerator. It has full color on the front and no color on the back. Great for both novices and pros – makes a great cooking gift and is an essential kitchen or BBQ reference guide.
  • This magnet for fridge can be used to decorate your kitchen’s refrigerator. Square cute decorative magnets can fix your message and favorite photo or pictures on a metal surface. Save the date sticky magnets perfect to pin note, picture, photo, postcards, menu, recipes, documents on fridge door.


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