ChefsTemp Is your Steak Properly Done Get it Right with a Remote Thermometer

Is Your Steak Properly Done? Get it Right with a Remote Thermometer

Many passionate grillers began where you are now. Their first attempts were unsuccessful and disappointing. They are where they are today because of learning from their failures. If you want to grill steak accurately, have the patience to learn. Tolerate yourself when you make mistakes. That will be your path to success.

Although you can use any kitchen thermometer in good working condition, try to restrict yourself from that. The best choice is the wireless remote thermometer. It is more modern and dependable even when one is a few hundred feet away from the cooker. We will discuss how to cook steak and ensure it is done with a wireless thermometer.

ChefsTemp Is your Steak Properly Done Get it Right with a Remote Thermometer

Some people touch their steak with a finger or tool to determine its firmness. Others check the color to determine if they can turn off their cooker and serve the steak. If you aspire to cook steak like a professional, do not use these trial and error techniques. You might easily serve unsafe food that could cause food-borne poisoning. Moreover, you could serve overcooked, tasteless, and tough steak.

Even if you have no control over your cooking conditions, you can use a meat thermometer to minimize failure. When you check the internal temperature of steak as it cooks, you can ensure consistent results even when the environmental conditions are unfavourable. Also, the more you temp your steaks, the more you can develop your cooking abilities.

Make it a habit to use the best digital food thermometer when grilling meat. Test your thermometer for accuracy often to ensure it produces reliable temperature readings every time.

How to temp your steak correctly?

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It is essential to know how to temp your steak accurately. Some of you need to know how to use a meat thermometer correctly. Assuming your thermometer is accurate and does not need recalibration, you should follow the manufacturer’s instructions for usage. They do not make all remote thermometers equal. Some have one channel while others have up to four channels. See a four-channel remote thermometer by ChefsTemp in the image below.

When we talk about cooking steak at the most accurate temperature, we are referring to the internal temperature of the fattest area. Some people might wrongly measure the temperatures of the surrounding environment. The correct way to temp a steak is to insert the probe of your thermometer in the thickest area of the meat.

Even before you do that, think about the safety of those who would eat your steak. As well, consider how those people would like their steak cooked. Regarding food safety, consult the USDA’s food temperature chart. It recommends bringing your beef steak to an internal temperature of 145 degrees F. Use your best meat thermometer to take this temperature reading.

In addition, USDA recommends waiting three or more minutes to serve your steak. If you choose to cook low and slow, you can still reach this food safety standard. At the same time, barbecuing can let you cook the steak to the best temperature without overcooking it. To achieve any level of doneness, use your remote thermometer throughout your cooking.

Even though it will take you time to learn different levels of doneness, you need the knowledge. When cooking rare steak, maintain 125 degrees F. When cooking medium rare, maintain 130 degrees F. Medium Steak requires 150 degrees F, Medium-Done steak needs 150 degrees F, and Well-Done needs 160 degrees F.

When cooking Rare and Medium Rare steaks, exercise caution. First, choose the highest steak grade and then handle it with care when cooking to avoid food poisoning. The reason for this is that you cook Rare and Medium Rare steaks at a lower temperature. The image below shows you exactly how to temp your steak with a best cooking thermometer.

As you can see, the chef has inserted their gadget into the side edge of the steak. They have pierced the meat slightly beyond the center of the cut for a more accurate reading.

What is the internal temperature of a steak at rest?

After you have used your remote thermometer all through the cooking process, use it again during the resting phase. The ideal temperature of steak at the resting phase will vary. Regardless, note that the temperature continues to rise after you pull out your steak from the grill.

Thus, professionals recommend pulling your steak before it reaches the target temperature. When you put it to rest for three minutes or longer, the carryover heat will cook it to the ideal temperature. When cooking Medium Rare steak, remove it from the grill at 128 degrees F. Follow the minus two to four degrees rule when cooking to other levels of doneness. Note that if you cook your steak longer, its carryover cooking will last longer.

By considering how hot your grilling environment is, and how your people like their meat cooked, you can adjust your cooking technique. Resting steak allows it to cook fully internally to kill all pathogens. It also enables the meat juices to spread to all areas of the steak, which results in a more evenly juicy cut of meat.

You will need your BBQ thermometer to read the final temperature of your steak to ensure it is ready for serving.

Why use a wireless thermometer?

People have needs and want when buying anything. Some do not mind standing beside their grills the entire cooking time. Others prefer to do other tasks or to sleep as their meat cooks. The latter need a remote thermometer. It will allow them to monitor their steak from a distance away. Such a thermometer is versatile and time-saving. It wirelessly transmits signals to your mobile device. While most thermometers offer a transmission range of 300 feet, this gadget from ChefsTemp covers up to 500 feet. It is the most suitable wireless thermometer to buy.


When cooking steak, you can largely depend on a smoker thermometer to know how well the interiors are cooking. A gadget that can enable remote cooking should be your favorite choice. Also, remember to use it correctly to measure the internal temps of steaks. Watch professional chefs’ videos at the ChefsTemp website to understand how to insert your thermometer. Once you cook steak a few times and fail to reach your target, start all over again. You will learn how to best use a remote thermometer and a steak temperature chart in due time.

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