Homemade Keilbasa

Homemade Keilbasa: Better At Home With Temperature Tips

Kielbasa a crave for all the food lovers who are fond to eat delicious food.We are here to discuss about the “smoked custom made Polish wiener” commonly known as kielbasa. It’s a very popular dish across America to United Kingdom. To explore its journey let’s take a ride with us to know it’s origins to making, so here we go.

You must be thinking for what reason do we need to make it at home? Whereas we can find everything at stores. Well! Here is the answer. The custom made article is far superior, more unpretentious, all the more obvious seasoned. So we made a few, and we figure you ought to as well. With our temperature tips and the family traditional recipe, you’ll end up with a wiener that will leave you in a spot that needs no words to portray it.


The reason for choosing from the beginning is to elaborate the imagining that you, the readers, might be asking about this but those who are new might can skip this part. It is commonly known as “kielbasa” or “Polish sausage” in America, which actually make sense the word kielbasa is basically the Polish word for sausage. It is very common in Poland and considered as one of their famous cuisine that comes in dozen type.

Wiejska kielbasa in normal language can be described as country sausage. It is brown and rusty color sausage originated by farmers and villager. They often smoked and seasoned them with garlic and marjoram. It is usually used in stew, soup, pasta or with any sideline of vegies.


The making of kielbasa at home is very easy and it start off with basic like any other dish. Let’s take a start.

  • The meat is cubed and chilled in the cooler so the fat will cut neatly.
  • It’s smart to likewise cool your crushing gear.
  • The ideal temperature of entire cycle outside is 30–33°F climate, which held the gear back from overheating pleasantly.


Seasoning is the key to enhancing the right flavor of any dish, one measurement goes wrong and it will result in failure. Let’s make some calculations here and use some mathematics. Your meat quantity and the seasoning you add should be balanced.

All the seasoning required in the kielbasa are listed below:


  • Fatty pork butt (2,832g)
  • 75% Salt (50g)
  • 75% Brown Sugar (50g)
  • 5% Black Pepper (14g)
  • 25% Cure #1 (7g)
  • 187% Garlic Powder (5g)
  • 125% Whole Mustard Seed (4g)
  • 0625% Pickling Spice (2g)
  • 0313% Marjoram (1g)
  • Water (about 1/2–2/3 C)
  • Sausage Casings (about 10 ft.)

We are continuing the rest of the procedure with this amount of ingredients.


After mixing the season in a bowl then start throwing and flipping everything brilliantly. Ensure everything is all around circulated. After mixing everything put the stuff in the grinder. The stand-alone grinder is the best fit for this job. A medium-size grinding plate would be perfect.

Just in case if you are wondering to have it done through cleavers or knife then it would take a long time but to your shock, it will work!



After grinding the meat with a seasoning we will now move towards the stuffing part. Now we will mix the food grind meat with some water. The measurement of water is defined in the ingredients. The addition of water will help the meat myosin arrangement simpler.

For our 6 lbs. of meat, we will add more than a half-cup of water. However, if you don’t want to go with the measurement, you can add some by own but don’t have any desire to make soup.  You only need to add water till the point that when it goes for cooking it will remain soggy.

If you are mixing it with hand then use gloves for keeping the hygiene part as a priority or else can use a blender as well. After getting done with the right blend now it’s time for stuffing. You can start the stuffing with hand or the machine as well. You can use any sausage stuffing gear this will reduce the time. For hog casing, you can use collagen casing or sheep casing it will help in thin kielbasa. After the filling cut after every 10-inch.


The ideal temperature for drying is not fixed but I’ll share mine. The drying process can take one or a couple of hours. At the temperature of 0 degrees C, it requires 60 minutes (1 hour) for drying but if you are having a less cold temperature then it might need more time to dry. Make sure to place all the stuffed kielbasa a clean and dry place for the drying process.

drying 2


Finally, we have arrived at the main part for which kielbasa taste is popular, smoked flavor. Smoking is mandatory for two reasons the first one is color and the second one is flavor. The smoke brings the BBQ flavor in kielbasa that doubles the taste of seasoning involved in the making. We will start the smoker at around 250°F (121°C), a temperature you’ll need to screen with the air test from a good device you like I’ll recommend you ChefsTemps Finaltouch X10.

The hotdog is traditionally cooked at 160°F (71°C) but here we like to skip that part. What I experience the best temperature for fresh meat at home is 150°F (66°C), which can be screened through Smoke X2 or any other waterproof needle probe. We need to maintain the check and balance to observe the temperature. The ideal smoking took around 45 minutes.

Once the kielbasa is cooked pull them from the smoker and spray some average cold water. This process is called blossoming the wiener, it helps in giving the right color to the kielbasa and makes the moist outer skin.


Well Done! You did it…… your kielbasa is all ready to serve.

After trying homemade kielbasa you would not go to any store for readymade stuff. So all the necessary procedure are described above, now it’s your turn to try kielbasa at home with perfect recipe and temperature.

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