ChefsTemp Versatility of Grill Thermometer Where Else Can I Use It 6

Versatility of Grill Thermometer Where Else Can I Use It?

ChefsTemp Versatility of Grill Thermometer Where Else Can I Use It

The grill thermometer will tell you when your meat is perfectly roasted, whether you are looking for medium-rare or well-done. It removes any doubt you may have when cooking meat, and takes out the chances of serving overcooked or undercooked meat. But did you know that your grill thermometer can do so much more apart from telling if your meat is properly done? Well, a meat thermometer can be a versatile tool in your kitchen and you can put it to work in other kitchen applications. But you will have to be careful not to misuse it or you may harm your gadget. In this article, we are going to share other uses where you can use the grill thermometer and the proper care and maintenance of the tool.

Surprising Uses of a Grill Thermometer

Below are some of the kitchen tasks where you can use your grill thermometer in the kitchen:

1. Checking the Temperature for Water

For instance, you can use your instant read thermometer to check the water temperature when poaching eggs. The recommended temperature should be 180°F (82°C) for perfectly cooked yet runny eggs.

2. Baking Breads

You can also use your meat thermometer to check the doneness of your bread when baking. The ideal temperature for baking bread is between 190 to 200°F (87 -93°C).

3. Checking the Temperature for Oil

Another great use for the grill thermometer is for checking oil temperature when frying. Simply deep the thermometer into the hot oil to check the right temperature. Make sure to check if the temperature of the oil is even on all sides.

ChefsTemp Versatility of Grill Thermometer Where Else Can I Use It

4. Candy Making

There is a candy thermometer for this job. However, if you do not have one and you are making candy, why not use the kitchen thermometer for the task? It will still produce accurate readings.

5. Checking the Temperature of Pies

The temperature for a fruit pie, pecan, and pumpkin pies should be 165°F (73°C), 175°F (79°C), and 185°F (85°C) respectively.

6. Grilling and Roasting Chicken

You can also use your thermometer to check the chicken internal temp, fish, seafood, and other meat cuts.

7. Ice Cream and Pastries

Another use for your food thermometer will be when making the ice cream base. You can place the thermometer in when the custard is cooking to ensure that it is at the right temperature.

8. Candle Making

The grill thermometer can also be useful when candle making. It can check the temperature of the wax and make sure it is correct.

9. Checking the temperature of your refrigerator

To do this, insert the thermometer to an item that has been in the fridge. For example, milk or water. This can be helpful when cooking certain dishes as the thermometer will help you bring the ingredients to room temperature.

10. Check body temperature

If you are coming up with a fever and have no thermometer near you, then the grill thermometer will be helpful. Just make sure to clean it properly after use. The meat thermometer may not be as accurate as an oral thermometer, but it can help keep track of your body’s temperature.

ChefsTemp Versatility of Grill Thermometer Where Else Can I Use It

11. Reheating Food

Did you know that you can also use the grill thermometer for reheating food? Any food with meat should always be reheated before consumption to ensure it is out of the temperature danger zone. Ensure that the internal temperature of the food is 165°F (73°C) when reheating in the microwave.

12. Checking the Food for the Baby

Babies are more prone to food poisoning and burns if the food is not cooked to the right temperature. Instead of using the back of your hand to check if the baby’s food is the right temperature, you can do so with the grill thermometer.

13. Beverage Temperature

Another use for your food thermometer will be to check the temperature of your beverage. Hot drinks can burn your tongue and lips. So, to avoid this, you can test temperature with the kitchen thermometer to see if it is fit to drink.

14. Prepare Your Bath

Forget about checking your bath water with your fingers. This can be dangerous since you can burn your fingers if the water is extremely hot. The ChefsTemp Final Touch X10 can help check if your bath is warm enough, but not too hot. Insert the thermometer into your bath to determine what the temperature is.

15. Preheating the Oven

You can place the grill thermometer inside the oven when preheating it to know if the temperature is right for you to start baking.

16. Egg Casseroles

17. Custards and Puddings

ChefsTemp Versatility of Grill Thermometer Where Else Can I Use It

Proper Care and Maintenance of Your Grill Thermometer

Even though the food thermometer can be used in several ways, you should still make sure that you take care of it properly. Below are some of the tips you should keep in mind when you are using your grill thermometer for different uses:

  • Only insert the probe to the indicated mark. The mark will show you how deep the probe should be placed inside the meat, food, water, or oil. Most instant read thermometers can be put about 1.3 cm deep. Never immerse the digital display in the water as this may result in incorrect readings.
  • Always clean the food thermometerthoroughly after use. This is to avoid spreading the germs or bacteria to other foods.
  • If the thermometer has a crack in it, replace the parts or discard it and get a new one. Any crack can lead to bacterial growth, which can lead to illnesses.
ChefsTemp Versatility of Grill Thermometer Where Else Can I Use It
  • Use the thermometer with caution. Some thermometers have plastic parts that can melt if placed close to heat.
  • Recalibrate the thermometer regularly: This simply means adjusting the tool to make sure that the readings are correct. You should recalibrate the BBQ thermometer before its first use, if it is dropped, or once a month.

In Conclusion

The grill thermometer is an underrated device that has proven to be an essential kitchen tool that can be used in various applications. New uses are still being discovered, which is proof enough that you should not miss out on this versatile tool. Besides, every kitchen should have a meat thermometer to prevent food poisoning and to ensure your meal is well cooked.

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