Guide For A Better Temp.

Guide For A Better Temp. Control On Gas And Charcoal Grill

It’s time to fire up the grill.

Do you know that the US Barbecue market is valued at around 2.75 billion US dollars according to statistics? This reflects the US residents’ love for grilling and BBQ.

The gas grill is the most frequently owned type of grill in the United States. However, whether you are preparing for BBQ on a gas grill or a charcoal one, there are a few things that you must keep in mind to have a great experience – maintaining grilling temperature is one of those.

Do you want to master the grilling art? One of the most significant things about becoming a grilling expert is knowing how to control grilling temperature on gas and charcoal grills so your food cooks properly and you can have a remarkable experience.

Here is how you can control the grilling temperature this time you heat the grill.

How to Control the Temperature on Charcoal Grills?

Want to know the key to perfectly tender BBQ? It’s all about grilling temperature. Why? Because when you use a charcoal or a gas grill the temperature may fluctuate. However, by knowing some useful grilling temperature control tips you can become a pro.

Invest in a Good Temperature Probe

Grilling experts suggest the right charcoal grilling temperature is 225°F. To keep your grill stable at this certain temperature point, you will have to keep a constant eye on the temperature. It is wise to invest in a good air probe that can help track temperature accurately.

Light Charcoal for Fuel

One of the best techniques to light charcoal for BBQ is to use a chimney starter. It is also useful for effectively controlling and maintaining the charcoal grilling temperature.

Light Charcoal For Fuel

Adjust the Airflow

To better manage and maintain the charcoal grilling temperature, it is highly suggested to maintain the airflow. Grilling experts suggest opening the vents properly so you can get more air and this will help get a hotter fire ultimately.

In addition to that, to get a cooler fire you can partially close the vents. Make sure the charcoal grilling vents are open at the time of lightening the charcoal.

Make a Grill Shield

Another useful tip to better control charcoal grilling temperature is to make a grilling shield. If you see your food starts to cook more quickly than normal (or may burn), then it is ideal to make a grilling shield by folding a piece of heavy aluminum foil in thirds and sliding the shield under the food. The sheet will block the heat that will result in a slow cooking process.

Make A Grill Shield

Open the Dampers

Open The Dampers

Do you know that your grill uses two fuels – oxygen and wood/charcoal? Thus, controlling the intake of oxygen through the grill’s vent is the easiest way towards controlling the grill’s temperature. All charcoal grills usually have both intake dampers and exhaust dampers. Set both dampers to make them fully open before adding the fuel. You can adjust the intake damper accordingly or perhaps after the grill heats up.

How to Control the Temperature on Gas Grills?

Gas grilling is one of the easiest ways that people usually go for as controlling temperature on gas grilling is easier than controlling on charcoal one. However, there still are factors that you must keep in mind in order to grill properly. Delve into the text mentioned below to become pro in grilling.

Control Knob Settings

To get the right grilling temperature on a gas grill, it is important to focus on the most basic element and that’s the ‘burner controls’. If your grill doesn’t seem like getting up the temperature the very first thing to pay attention to is to check whether you are setting the burner controls properly or not. Setting up the burner controls at the right heating temperature is of utmost importance for grilling food at the right temperature.


Grilling experts think newbie griller make one of the most significant mistakes and that’s they don’t let the grill preheat for long enough which further cause making food sticks on the grill. Your gas grill same as other grills needs proper time to preheat before actually getting started with cooking food. It is highly suggested to light your grill according to the instructions mentioned in your owner’s manual.


Lid Closed

Cooking on a gas grill with the lid open is a bad idea. Why? Because this will result in a significant increase in the amount of time it takes to finish cooking the food. In addition, the overall temperature of the grill will also be much lower that will not help cook food properly. Keep your lid close as it will also help reduce the chances for flare-ups to occur.

Bypass – Propane Models

‘Bypass’ is the condition if you have a propane-powered model for your gas grill and it doesn’t help you get the right temperature on your gas grill. If you see your gas grill is showing any of the below-mentioned symptoms, then it is suggested to fix the problem as soon as possible for a better BBQ experience.

  • The grill is hard to light
  • The grill won’t heat over 250 to 400 F.
  • The more burners you light, the lower the flames.
Quick Pro Tips For A Better Grilling Experience On A Gas Grill
  • Turn on your gas supply by opening the valve on top of the tank.
  • Make sure that all the control knobs and the side burner knob are in the ‘off’ position.
  • Make sure to wait for a minute for pressure to build up in the hose before getting started with cooking food.
  • Then go ahead and light your grill on the start temperature.
  • Light all the important burners and set them high.
  • It is recommended to close the lid for a better cooking experience on a gas grill.

Last Thoughts

The secret to perfectly tender meat lies in the right temperature of your grills. Make sure that you implement these worthy tips from the grilling experts next time you heat the grill for a perfect BBQ.

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