Factors to Consider When Choosing an Infrared Thermometer

Infrared Thermometer for Grilling

Some cooking methods require accurate and precise temperature readings. A slight temperature difference can significantly impact the grilling result of your meat or other types of food. An infrared thermometer for grilling is what you need to ensure an accurate reading so you can achieve the best-tasting food with the correct doneness and texture.

Why Use a Thermometer for Grilling?

Many of the so-called grilling experts want to use something other than specialized tools, like thermometers, for grilling. Most of them would eyeball the meat to tell if it was done or if it’s ready to eat. However, grilling becomes tricky when working with large pieces of meat, such as brisket. It’s more challenging to check visually if the meat is safe and ready to eat. You need a thermometer that can measure the temperature of the meat and tell you that it is ready to serve.

An infrared thermometer for grilling is the best tool for this purpose. If you have yet to use a thermometer for grilling, now is the best time to get started. It will remove the guesswork from your cooking and ensure you get the perfect temperature for the meat. Using a thermometer not only ensures that the meat is safe to consume but that it is not overcooked.

find the best infrared thermometer for grilling

Reasons to Use an Infrared Thermometer for Grilling

An infrared thermometer reads the meat’s temperature when grilling, using thermal radiation emitted by the meat. It does not need to come into contact with the meat to produce an accurate reading. 

A traditional thermometer for grilling requires you to force a probe into the meat. The probe must be inserted deep enough to reach the center of the meat. This method might give you an accurate reading, but you can also damage the quality of the meat. Poking the meat while grilling allows some of the juices to escape. When the juice hits the charcoal, it causes the flame to shoot up, which can significantly increase the grilling temperature. At the same time, the juice that escapes from the meat also means you are losing flavor from the meat.

An infrared thermometer does not just use the temperature of the meat to provide a reading. It also considers other factors, such as the temperature of the skillet, the grill, and the surface of the meat. 

Factors to Consider When Choosing an Infrared Thermometer

An infrared thermometer is a must-have in any kitchen to get the best barbecue and grilled items. But to make that happen, you need to find the best infrared thermometer that meets your needs. The following are essential factors to consider that will help you find the best infrared thermometer for grilling.


Not all infrared thermometers are the same. Make sure to consider the intended application for the specific thermometer you intend to buy to ensure that it fits the purpose. Think of thermometers as tools. When a tool is designed for a particular purpose, it is equipped with capabilities that match that purpose. 

For example, there are different types of infrared thermometers, such as those used in the medical field and for mechanical applications. If you want one for grilling or cooking, make sure to look for specific models for this purpose to find a tool with the functionalities you need.


Investing in an infrared thermometer allows you to measure food temperature with accuracy. If you had to second-guess the reading, what’s the point in investing in this kitchen tool?

You should choose an infrared thermometer that delivers accurate readings. Most thermometer models will list their accuracy rating using a plus-or-minus percentage. Check this data when selecting an infrared thermometer for grilling to be more confident when using the tool.

Temperature Range

An infrared thermometer is a multifunctional tool that enables you to read various temperature ranges. Check the ideal temperature range for a thermometer to choose the suitable model for grilling. For example, some thermometers can read temperatures from -20 degrees to as high as 70 degrees.

infrared thermometer for grilling temperature range

Ease of Use

An infrared thermometer that is easy to use is a valuable investment in the kitchen. Most models of thermometer require a steady hand to accurately read the meat you’re grilling. You need to point the thermometer at the meat, and it will give you a reading in seconds. This tool should not require any additional steps for you to be able to get the temperature reading. 

It does not hurt if the thermometer offers nifty features, such as saving the previous temperature reading. This feature allows you to cross-reference the last reading and make it easier to monitor the cooking progress of the meat. 

FAQs on Infrared Thermometer for Grilling

Are you looking for more information to help you pick the best thermometer for the job? Use the following information as an additional guide when shopping.

How accurate is an infrared thermometer?

It differs from model to model. Therefore, you need to check the accuracy rating on the specific model to ensure that it is suitable for grilling. Look for an infrared thermometer with an accuracy rating of two percent of the reading, or less.

Which infrared thermometer is best for grilling?

Several models of infrared thermometers are available online and in local stores. Use the list of factors above to help you pick the best model that offers the best grilling results.

Can you use an infrared thermometer to check the doneness of food?

No. Infrared thermometer for grilling, measures only the external and surface temperature of the meat when grilling. It won’t allow you to measure the internal temperature of the meat. Therefore, you must rely on something other than this tool to check the doneness of the meat, especially for meats that you must bring to a specific internal temperature before consumption. 

Food doneness is best measured by taking the internal temperature. You can use this tool to monitor the cooking progress instead. 

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