Learn the Basics of a Digital Food Thermometer

Knowing the right temperatures while cooking is quite critical to avoid any embarrassing situations like burnt or undercooked food during a cookout! So, a thermometer to help you through all these circumstances can be quite handy.

So, what kind of thermometer should you use to know if your meat and vegetables are cooking at the right temperature? You can have any kind of cooking thermometer, but we would recommend a digital one to save you a lot of hassle. Let’s learn how to properly use a digital thermometer which is widely known as an instant-read thermometer.

Many master chefs claim that they can tell when the food is perfectly cooked with their hand, well, there must be an in-built thermometer in their hand. We aren’t one of them and we definitely don’t want to burn our hands by touching scalding hot food. So, in order to know when the food is safe to eat, all food safety and service divisions advise us to use thermometers.

Having BBQ cooking sessions with friends and family is an old tradition that’s been here for centuries. But it can be quite uncertain when the food is done on a grill. Here, a digital thermometer can be of great help as it efficiently keeps you updated on the internal temperature.

These thermometers also keep any food-borne diseases away from your dinner table, especially if you have decided on feeding the elderly, sick people, pregnant or nursing women, and toddlers. So, keep this useful device in your grill toolbox at all times!


How to Properly Use an Instant-Read Thermometer?

Whatever you have decided on cooking, you should always keep an instant-read thermometer at hand. The proper way to use the instant-read thermometer is:

  • Insert the probe of the thermometer into the thickest part, it’s mostly the center of the meat, vegetable, or any other food you’re cooking.
  • You have an estimate on when the food should be perfectly cooked, so, insert the thermometer into the food near that time, not at the end of the cooking.
  • If you are cooking meat, you should insert it in more than one place, as the proportions aren’t the same on every side, or the composition of the grill can cook one side before the other.
  • While cooking flat or thin strips of meat for burgers, check the temperature from the side instead of the top for accuracy.
  • What not to do: ensure that you keep the thermometer probe away from the bone as it can give you false reading because bones perceive heat quite differently.
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Now, that you know the correct way to use the digital thermometer, you can easily read it correctly and guarantee some pretty tender steaks and melt-in-the-mouth vegetables with your precise cooking!

The Right Way to Clean and Store It

When you are using the equipment while cooking, it is essential to take care of their cleanliness and proper storage. So, in order to keep the instant-read thermometers away from germs and bacteria, here are a few tips on how you can ensure its efficient care:

  • Before using it for the first time, every time, make sure you wash it with soapy water. However, before you submerge it completely in water, make sure that your model is waterproof. If not, then the probe, that tends to get close and personal with the food should be thoroughly cleaned.
  • You should also make sure you wash it in between uses even if the break is of minutes. This will help you fend off any kind of germ introduction in the food.


Most instant-read thermometers come with a folding probe, that you can easily fold and store in cupboards with food storage. However, some do not have a folding probe. You can either store them in storage cases or others have magnets that you can use to stick them in with the knives or beside your fridge.

Taking Care of Calibration from Time to Time


In order to know if your thermometer is giving accurate measurements, an occasional calibration is necessary. It can go out of calibration when a thermometer is used in one extreme temperature and then suddenly taken to the opposite temperature or if it is dropped.

Most modern digital thermometers are self-calibrating but the ones that need manual labor can be tested by adding them to boiling water or icy water. Whichever, you decide to test on, make sure that you are checking according to your room temperature for accurate results because high air pressure and high elevations affect freezing and boiling temperatures.

Using It to Grill and Not to Grill Efficiently

Use the Instant-Read for Grilling

From burgers to steaks and vegetables, everything can be cooked on a grill outside. You don’t want to put your hand inside a grill, do you? Even the heat coming out can burn you. So, a probe thermometer to check the temperature and cooking level of the foods is the best way.

So, keep your safety in mind and carefully use this digital grilling thermometer to get the perfectly grilled meat!

Using It Outside the Grill

Well, a digital thermometer is not only for the grill. You can efficiently take it out in the kitchen and check the temperatures of your indoor general cooking and make your food perfectly. From baked goods to meats, you can easily make use of it.

Make your life effortless and get a digital thermometer to help cook your mouth-watering food!

Final Word

These instant-read thermometers are easily available and can be used quite efficiently in cooking all kinds of foods, they are light, compact, and straightforward to use. Just put the probe in and you know the right temperatures.

This wraps up our guide on digital thermometers. So, whether you are putting effort into general cooking or BBQ cooking, this kitchen appliance can be a lifesaver for all your cooking mishaps!

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