Can You Leave a Meat Thermometer in the Oven?

A meat thermometer is an essential tool in the kitchen. It can help you achieve the best results when cooking meat as it reads the internal temperature of the meat so you know when it’s done. For those who are new to using this tool in the kitchen, you might have a few questions about how to use it. In particular, can you leave a meat thermometer in the oven? 

This is one of many questions that you will be answered in this guide so you can learn how to make the most of using a meat thermometer.


Can You Leave a Meat Thermometer in the Oven?


Yes, most meat thermometers are designed to be able to resist high temperatures. It is, therefore, safe to use in the oven while your food cooks. But to be sure, it is best to check if your thermometer is designed to be oven-safe before putting it inside the oven.

There are different types of meat thermometer on the market and you will learn more about each of these below. Take the time to research each type so you can find the right one to use inside the oven since some are not designed to withstand the heat. It could be that some are not designed for high temperatures or that they won’t be able to provide an accurate temperature reading. 

To be safe, if you are not sure about the type of thermometer that you have at home, then don’t leave it in the oven. You can always check the meat when you have reached the recommended cooking time. You can take the meat out of the oven and then place the thermometer in the middle of the meat to check the internal temperature. 

There are health and safety issues that could arise when you leave a meat thermometer in the oven if it is not designed to be used that way. It can melt inside the oven or worse, explode. 


easiest way to tell if a thermometer is oven-safe

How Do You Know If a Thermometer is Oven-Safe?


The easiest way to tell if a thermometer is oven-safe is to check the label. Manufacturers that have designed an oven-safe thermometer will usually list that on the product’s packaging. This will clearly tell you that the thermometer is safe to use inside the oven. 

If this is not easily visible, then you just have to play it on the safe side and not use the thermometer inside the oven. Thermometers usually come with an instruction manual that tells you how to use the product. You can always refer to that when deciding if the product is safe to use in the oven. 


How Do You Use a Thermometer in the Oven?


The main advantage that oven-safe thermometers have over other types on the market is that you will be able to monitor the temperature changes in the meat while you are cooking it. This will help you to accurately time the cooking process and make sure you don’t end up with undercooked or overcooked meat.

The way to use an oven-safe thermometer is based on the model that you are using and the type. Currently, there are two types of oven-safe thermometers on the market: dial and probe.

The oven-safe dial thermometer must be inserted into the meat prior to cooking. It should be inserted at least 2 inches deep to get an accurate reading while it cooks. 

When inserting the oven-safe dial thermometer, make sure to avoid the bone or fat. The end of the thermometer must be at the center of the meat in order to get an accurate temperature reading. You can also try to push the thermometer deeper to see if there are changes to the reading. 

The oven-safe probe thermometer is used in the same way. The main difference with the dial type is that it does not require you to open the oven door in order to check the reading. The thermometer comes in two parts: the probe that must be inserted into the meat and the base that you will be using outside the oven. 

Depending on the model and brand, some oven-safe probe thermometers can be set in order to alert you when it has reached the ideal temperature of the meat. This will let you know when to take the meat out of the oven to avoid overcooking.


How Long Can You Keep a Thermometer in the Oven?


Most oven-safe thermometers can be kept inside the oven for as long as the cooking period required for the meat. As long as you choose a model that is designed for use in the oven, it will be able to withstand the high cooking temperature.

When in doubt, you can always refer to the instructions manual so you have an idea of the best and safest way to use a thermometer. 


How High a Temperature Can a Meat Thermometer Withstand?


As mentioned above, a meat thermometer that is oven-safe is able to withstand extremely high temperatures. A standard thermometer can go up to 220 degrees F. Oven-safe thermometers have the capacity to go up to 550 degrees F. 

This range will vary from one model to another. Make it a habit to check the label so you know the safe way to use your thermometer when cooking. 


Can a Meat Thermometer Withstand Oven Temperature

Tips for Using an Oven-Safe Meat Thermometer


An oven-safe thermometer is one of the best tools to have in your arsenal in the kitchen. Make sure it works properly by following these tips.

  • Keep it clean. Make sure to wash your thermometer after every use. It will also help eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination, as well as avoid rust.
  • Test it regularly. Make sure to regularly check the functionality of your thermometer to ensure that it is working and can accurately read temperature. The worst thing that could happen is for it to malfunction in the middle of a cooking process.
  • Know the right position. The accuracy of a temperature reading for a thermometer will largely depend on the placement. Make sure you know exactly where to place the thermometer probe to get an accurate reading. 

Use these tips to help you cook meat in your own kitchen like a pro. It’s possible with an oven-safe thermometer! 



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