Perfect Temp Smoked Baby Back Ribs

Perfect Temp Smoked Baby Back Ribs

Smoking ribs during a family cookout can be a great option to level up the amusement and let your loved ones enjoy the most delicious food prepared.

Pork ribs from the vertebrae and loin regions of a pig are known as baby back ribs. The tenderest pork is found in the loin, and some of it may be found in baby back ribs. Roasted or smoked baby back ribs are common.

Types of ribs

There are two types of ribs, the spare ones, and the baby back ribs. The former is closer to the belly region protecting the breathing system from the front whereas the latter is near the spine or we may say the backbone.

Baby ribs are smaller in length, softer, and have much quantity of meat attached to them. Since the lion region in the body is smaller therefore these are shorter in length. On the contrary, spare ribs are the larger part of the rib cage protecting bodies from major losses in case of any accidents.

Baby back ribs are softer than spare ribs

The reason behind this is quite simple since the loin area is at the rear end of the rib cage and the muscles there are not used much. Therefore, the meat over baby ribs is soft to a greater extent.

Baby back ribs cook more quickly than spare ribs because the flesh is more tender and the ribs are smaller. While spare ribs may become dry when roasted at higher temps, baby back ribs are much more likely to remain soft.

ChefsTemp Perfect Temp Smoked Baby Back Ribs

Baby back ribs may be cooked for approximately one hour at around 375℉(190℃). Spare ribs should be cooked at a low temp to avoid drying out and might take up to two hours to cook. Of course, for that great wood-fired taste, we suggest going low as well as slow smoking your ribs.

Cooking pace and thicker in meat

Baby back ribs cook at a good pace due to the reason that they are smaller and possess soft muscles. Additionally, they can be cooked at a high temperature within just 1 hour.

The Spare ribs take at least 2 to 3 hours to get smoked perfectly. The higher temperature is very useless rather damaging for the spare ones and may let them dry out before landing in your mouths.

That’s the reason they need medium or lower temperatures to get tendered.

Although, baby back ribs are thicker in meat stuff but remarkably soft that it does not need extra effort to get softened.

Getting ready to cook the baby backs

It is of great importance to understand purchasing the right thing when at the butcher’s. Look for the loin area with a greater quantity of meat. That’s the exact thing you have been searching for.

Here are some key steps that must remain into consideration to end up enjoying having smoke-cooked ribs.

Step No. 1: Cleaning Ribs 

Cleaning is the most important part of the cooking procedure. Even though they are packed and handled carefully but still it is a good practice to clean thoroughly before moving to the marination stage.

Moreover, ribs are naturally covered by some skinny translucent membrane that is greasy in texture.

Make sure to cleanly remove the membrane as it ruins all the taste and feels quite irksome and undissolved while chewing.

ChefsTemp Perfect Temp Smoked Baby Back Ribs

Step No. 2: Spice them Up

Always do a rib rub before cooking. Season both surfaces of the ribs with seasoning sauces. The seasoning should be evenly distributed throughout the base of the ribs, not caked on. You can also poke narrow holes into the meat using a knife or fork and add the mixture of spices into it. This is done to make it more juicy and flavorsome. An appropriate quantity of seasoning is around 2 small spoons per rack of ribs.

It’s acceptable to keep things basic with only pepper and salt, but most cooks prefer to spice things up with a dry rub. You may also prepare your own homemade baby back rib sauces. Ribs may take on a variety of tastes, so play around with what you enjoy.

ChefsTemp Perfect Temp Smoked Baby Back Ribs

Lemon juice along with honey and mustard sauce can take the taste game to the next level. But it is completely up to your taste buds’ choice whether to enhance flavors using other spices or just go for salt and pepper.

Find out the perfect temperature using the most suitable device

The more scrumptious taste ribs give to your taste buds, the more it is challenging to cook them constantly checking the temperatures to make sure they are done well. The internal meat temperatures are now quite simple to measure. Grab a Finaltouch IR thermometer with numerous useful features that will help enjoy your first or another cookout experience.

ChefsTemp A Beginner’s Guide to Electronic Meat Thermometer

Finaltouch IR is of great use with considerable attributes such as brilliant heat gauging pace and with complete precision. The area where we hold it from is heat insulated along with a large needle like prob that can be rotated up to 270℉(132℃). It acts like a magnet and gets stick to any metal surface.

It also contains an auto-rotating temperature display making it way easy to for the lefties or adjusting when measuring from improper angles. It is also mess and moisture resistant with the IP66 feature as we can never avoid the mess from happening during a cookout or a cooking.

Making baby back ribs using pro-techniques

Rib cooking is a challenging task specifically for novice chefs. However, one can gain confidence over time. No one is a born cook, it takes a lot of effort to stand out among others.

There are some pro-tips to help you prepare the best baby ribs. The first one is called the 3-2-1 technique.


It is called the 3-2-1 approach just because it requires a total of 6 hours to get well-done but not in one go. The process is divided into 3 steps. If you want soft ribs that slip off the bone do follow this way of cooking. It’ll take you nearly to a whole day, so assure your beverage fridge is packed before you start, and don’t forget to have some music on.

  • In the first step,  you are required to smoke the ribs for 3 hours, flesh side up, at 180℉(82℃).
  • Secondly, cover the ribs in tin foil and at 437℉(225℃), smoke them for 2 hours.

ChefsTemp Perfect Temp Smoked Baby Back Ribs

In the third stage, you need to brush the ribs with barbecue sauce after removing the foil. Smoke for 1 hour, flesh side up, at 225℉(107℃). There’s another way to smoke cook the ribs within half of the time frame as compared to the above method. All the 3 steps must be followed in the same sequence the difference is half the given smoke time in each of the given steps.


When it comes to ribs, a Finaltouch IR thermometer is an ideal tool. Unlike steaks or pork chops, which are cut to the same depth at each point, ribs have variable thicknesses at different spots, and the flesh might be at various temperatures according to whether it is close to the bone or even further away. However, you need to be careful when using a thermometer, use one with a sharp probe like Finaltouch IR.

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