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Finaltouch X10 is the world’s fastest thermometer with accurate readings in 1 second or less. Having won the Red Dot Design Award and being rated by chefs worldwide as the best meat thermometer for 2023, the Finaltouch X10 is a leader in both design and technology. Experience ultimate precision and speed with the perfect tool for any chef or home cook.

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When darkness comes there is no need to worry as the Finaltouch X10 steak thermometer can sense when it is dark and illuminate with a backlight so you can see the temperature.  Pick up your Finaltouch X10 and it will turn on instantly, set it down to activate the battery-saving sleep mode. Multiple positioning is available for ease-of-use at any angle.  Close the probe and your Finaltouch X10 will store safely until you need it. The Finaltouch X10 steak and meat thermometer is a highly accurate tool that will help you cook meat (steak, chicken, fish, etc), candy, or liquids exactly how you want it.


RANGE: -22 to 572 °F (-30.0 to 300.0°C)
ACCURACY: ±0.5°F (±0.3°C) from -22 to 392°F , (-30.0 to 199.9°C) otherwise ±1.8°F (±1.0°C)
RESOLUTION: Factory set to 0.1 °
RESPONSE TIME: 1 second readout (Speed in oil is slightly slower than in water)
PROBE: 4.0 L Inches,High Performance Type K Thermocouple
DISPLAY: 47.3H X 19.5W mm | 1.86H X 0.77W inch rotates 180°, Intelligent Backlight
SLEEP MODE: Backlight turns off in 60 seconds
OPERATING RANGE: -4 to 122°F (-20 to 50°C)
BATTERY: AAA batteries x2
DIMENSIONS: 6.69H x 1.57W x 0.9 D inches ( 169H x 40W x 24D mm )
WEIGHT: 0.27lbs (125g)
UNITS: °C/°F Switchable

120 reviews for ChefsTemp Finaltouch X10 Instant Read Meat Thermometer

  1. c59456c1f04e13aa9d62a42f2d9b182a?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    Joann B.

    I got the ChefsTemp Finaltouch X10 for my husband. He loves BBQ’ing and thought he was really good at it. I secretly got him this gift for me! Because OMG, now using the ChefsTemp Finaltouch X10 he really is that good! Our steaks are always perfect now! I’m so happy with this product – it truly made our family much happier. Happy Tummies = Happy Families!

  2. c59456c1f04e13aa9d62a42f2d9b182a?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    Jonathan R.

    I was always buying beautiful pieces of meat and have been working towards perfecting my skills as a Home BBQ pitmaster. But, not until I purchased the ChefsTemp Finaltouch X10 did I truly perfect my abilities. I was able to deliver perfectly cooked steak every time! It’s my secret sauce! My secret tool! I’m a huge fan and absolutely recommend.

  3. c59456c1f04e13aa9d62a42f2d9b182a?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    Andrew T.

    I got the ChefsTemp Finaltouch X10 as a gift and was like, OK, I’ll try it. I always received compliments on my BBQ’ing so I was a little skeptical. But, I tried it out following the recommended guide for cooked temps. AND, the compliments were so exaggerated. If I was a good BBQ’er before – I’m fantastic now! Thanks ChefsTemp! My friends and family actually thank you more!

  4. 243ae3f73ccca3927fd8f14149f75936?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    John.S (verified owner)

    I’ve had several thermometers in the past, but this one has worked great. The display is bright and easy to read. The magnet is strong so I can easily toss it against my grill after use. I’ve had no issues washing it after use. I’m very impressed with this thermometer and would recommend it to others.

  5. 243ae3f73ccca3927fd8f14149f75936?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    David (verified owner)

    I’ve been using this Chefstemp Final Touch X10 food thermometer for about 3 months now and it continues to work as promised! Super clear display no matter use it at night or during the day. Auto power when you unhinge the probe, pretty accurate.

  6. 243ae3f73ccca3927fd8f14149f75936?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    Ryan E. (verified owner)

    I received this thermometer yesterday, and today I used it to grill some meat. It all came out perfect! I couldn’t be happier with it. It is accurate, easy to use and doesn’t take up a lot of space in the drawer. Anyone looking for precise cooking temperatures for their food get this now!

  7. 243ae3f73ccca3927fd8f14149f75936?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    Tony L. (verified owner)

    I bought this one to replace a waterproof thermometer that wasn’t really waterproof. But you can trust this one. You can wash it directly under the tap or soak it in water. Readings are still accurate in comparison testing and the display is very visible. You won’t find a better thermometer for this price.

  8. 243ae3f73ccca3927fd8f14149f75936?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    Mike Reader (verified owner)

    I use an instant read thermometer all the time. This is the fastest kitchen thermometer I’ve ever owned. It reads in 2-3 seconds. Love how this thermometer turns on when you fold the temperature sensor open and then it turns off when you close it. Genius idea.

  9. 243ae3f73ccca3927fd8f14149f75936?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    Daniel (verified owner)

    My husband is new to grilling and this instant thermometer is so easy to use. He was so amazed at how fast the thermometer registered the internal temp of the ham we were grilling for the first time. The large digital LCD display makes seeing the temperature a breeze. We can’t cook without it now.

  10. 243ae3f73ccca3927fd8f14149f75936?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    Reuven Jacobs (verified owner)

    You can stick it on the fridge or stove with the magnet. You open it, stick it in and get a reading in like 3 seconds. It gives an accurate reading down to the degree. You start to feel more confident that you’re going to get consistent results. My cooking has improved since I started using it, and it does make testing the temp more accessible than it was before. This thing is perfect for daily use. I like my Final Touch X10 thermometer.

  11. 243ae3f73ccca3927fd8f14149f75936?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    David Yahid (verified owner)

    Accurate and pretty rapid temperature reading. Every backyard pit master that’s serious about their BBQ needs one of these. This model is even better build quality and I love that it is magnetic so I can easily store it on the side of the fridge. Really nice, really accurate, sturdy, have had no issues with it so far. I would recommend this Final Touch X10 thermometer to anyone!

  12. 243ae3f73ccca3927fd8f14149f75936?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    Effie Silberman (verified owner)

    My husband like it a lot. He uses it to check his brisket & bbq chicken mostly. It is easy to use and the large numbers are easy to read. It’s a good tool for stabbing things to find out what the temperature is inside them. Very please and would recommend.

  13. 243ae3f73ccca3927fd8f14149f75936?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    Cheryl Amick (verified owner)

    This brand is highly rated over and over, and we wanted something easy to read during the day or at night. This lights up. It had to last long, be of good quality and be accurate. Made cooking alot more convenient and stoped over cooking food.

  14. 243ae3f73ccca3927fd8f14149f75936?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    Michael J. (verified owner)

    I have really enjoyed this thermometer. This thermometer is highly accurate and gives you a quick reading. The probe is nice and thin/sharp but strong so it easily enters the meat being cooked. Well-designed and easy to use.

  15. 243ae3f73ccca3927fd8f14149f75936?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    Tom (verified owner)

    An instant-read thermometer is a must for anyone grilling or cooking meat, poultry or fish. This is the secret to not overcooking! Chefstemp Finaltouch x10 is the best food thermometer I have ever owned. Would definitely recommend it to my friends or anyone looking to purchase a thermometer. Good vale too!

  16. 243ae3f73ccca3927fd8f14149f75936?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    Jason T. (verified owner)

    I was so pleased with this thermometer. I have always had to time my steaks etc., but when I found the Final Touch X10 thermometer that I could “know” what was actually going on inside my steak, I was so happy. The steak was cooked as well as at a steak house. I am not going back to the “timer” method of cooking again.

  17. 243ae3f73ccca3927fd8f14149f75936?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    Jeremy (verified owner)

    We were very happy with the Chefstemp Finaltouch x10. We used it to cook a 15-pound prime rib on Father’s Day and it was perfect! Customer service has been outstanding. I received a follow-up email with a compilation of suggestions for most effective use and another reminding me that the product is under warranty should we have any issues. We are very satisfied and would recommend both product and seller!

  18. 243ae3f73ccca3927fd8f14149f75936?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    Marcy C. (verified owner)

    Have used the Chefstemp Finaltouch x10 for the past few months with some mixed results. The thermometer does give an accurate reading and is easy to use. It’s also durable and easy to clean. The magnetic backing is also a nice feature as it is easy to stick places and not have to reach to find it.

  19. 243ae3f73ccca3927fd8f14149f75936?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    Mike T. (verified owner)

    I am very happy with this meat thermometer. It easily inserts into any meat allowing you to get it into the perfect depth for measuring the heat, therefore, getting an accurate reading. The unit fits comfortably into my hand. I was thrilled that I could also use this grilling steak and chops on my Weber grille.

  20. 243ae3f73ccca3927fd8f14149f75936?s=60&d=identicon&r=g

    Josh M. (verified owner)

    This was a gift for my Father for his birthday. He has since used it several times, and he is VERY happy with it. He likes the overall size, the fact that the probe folds into the thermometer and is easy to clean and store. He also likes that the reading is digital and shows the correct temperature within seconds.

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Q: Can I use a wireless meat thermometer in the oven?

A: Using a wireless meat thermometer in the oven provides you with the convenience of monitoring the temperature remotely without constantly opening the oven, which helps maintain a consistent cooking environment.

Q: Can I use a wireless meat thermometer in a grill?

A: Yes, you can use a wireless meat thermometer in a grill. Wireless meat thermometers are versatile and suitable for various cooking methods, including grilling.

Q: How do wireless meat thermometers work?

A: Wireless meat thermometers work by using a probe inserted into the meat, which sends temperature data to a receiver or smartphone app. The receiver displays the current temperature and alerts you when the desired temperature is reached.

Q: Can I leave a wireless meat thermometer in the meat while it cooks?

A: It’s generally safe to leave a wireless meat thermometer in the meat throughout the cooking process. However, for very long cooking times, you should check the manufacturer’s guidelines as extended exposure to high heat might affect the probe.

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