ChefsTemp Steak Temperature Guide All Information You Need for a Perfect Steak

Steak Temperature Guide: All Information You Need for a Perfect Steak

What are the advantages of serving steak at the best doneness level? First, you can serve safe meat and prevent food poisoning. We need not forget that most meats have pathogens that can cause illnesses once they enter your body. Secondly, cooking steak to the best temperature level means less food wastage.

That translates to proper use of your money. Thirdly, guests can appreciate your cookery and compliment you for it. To always succeed when grilling your steak, make sure you have a steak temperature chart. Next, use the best grill thermometer and other grilling essentials. We will focus on teaching you how to prepare a perfect steak.

For accurate data on each steak temperature level, continue reading our guide. When you use a temp chart, you can get the steak out of the temperature danger zone. Here is a proper temperature chart to follow when cooking different types of steak.

  • Blue Steak – Also known as the Extra Rare Steak, the Blue Steak should have red interiors and browned exteriors. The middle section of the Blue Steak should feel softer and colder than the rest of the meat. To produce Extra Rare steak, use your electronic meat thermometer to check the internal temperature. Make sure it ranges between 114.8-120.2°F (46°C-49°C).
  • Rare Steak – The Rare Steak often has a burned or browned exterior. Its interior is about seventy-five percent red.The middle of the steak should be a bit cool. To attain Rare Steak doneness, use your remote thermometer to take the internal temperature of the steak. If it ranges between 125.6-131°F (52°C-55°C), you have succeeded.
  • Medium Rare Steak – Like the other two steaks discussed above, the Medium Rare steak has a seared outside.However, its interiors should be at least fifty percent red. The middle area should feel slightly firm. A steak has reached the correct Medium Rare doneness level if your best food thermometer shows 131-140°F (55°C-60°C).
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  • Medium Steak – Your steak temperature chart will also include Medium Steak. It will have seared exteriors and a firm and bouncy center. The center will also be slightly red. You can only cook Medium Steak well if you ensure that the internal cooking temperature is 140-143.6°F (60°C-62°C). You can use a probe smoker thermometer to produce this reading.
  • Medium Well Steak – The outside of a Medium Well Steak should appear brown. Its center area should have traces of a pink shade. Also, Medium Well Steak should appear properly done all over. To attain this level of doneness, make sure your bbq thermometer reads 149-152°F (65°C-67°C).
  • Well Done Steak – It is easy to cook a Well Done Steak if you have thesteak temperature chart and the best meat thermometer. Ensure the temperature reading is 159.8°F (71°C) or more. If you have good results, the center of the steak will appear brown, the outside will be brown, and the meat will have even cooking and firmness everywhere. 

How to cook raw steak?

The above six levels of doneness are the ones you should stick to when cooking steak. Nevertheless, you might have guests who prefer something quirky and different. They may ask for raw steak, normally called steak tartare. These are the real carnivores and like their meat almost raw. 

Use your instant read thermometer to ensure the internal temperature is around 110°F (43°C). The method for cooking steak tartare is known as black and blue. You place meat over a hot flame to ensure the outside sears well.

The inside of the meat should be cool, about 110°F (43°C). People who understand food safety rules will rarely ask for raw meat. But, if someone requests it, use the black and blue technique.

ChefsTemp Instant Read Meat Thermometers The Tool Every Kitchen Should Have

Use the best cooking thermometer accurately

Now you have the steak temperature chart. The next thing is to use your thermometer correctly. It is wiser to buy a digital meat thermometer because it offers accurate readings swiftly. The best choice has a probe that you insert in the thickest part of the meat.

It should penetrate the steak at least half an inch deep. The larger and thicker the cut is, the deeper the probe needs to reach. With this gadget, you can avoid testing meat with a finger or pricking it with a knife. A thermometer does a great job each time as long as it is accurate. Make sure you calibrate it often to take correct readings every time you cook steak. If you drop your best meat thermometer, test it for accuracy. Additionally, recalibrate it if you notice that its accuracy has declined.

ChefsTemp What are The Dos and Don’ts of Using a BBQ Thermometer

Rest your steak before serving

It is essential to follow what the steak temperature chart says. However, do not ruin your cooking by serving meat too soon. Make sure you remove it from the oven a few minutes before the thermometer shows the correct internal temperature. The carryover cooking should bring the temperature to the safest level.

To allow this, let the meat rest for five to ten minutes. Then, serve the meat with whatever else you please. You must use your best food thermometer during the carryover cooking to ensure your meat is now safe to eat.

ChefsTemp Instant Read Meat Thermometers The Tool Every Kitchen Should Have


If you want to learn how to grill steaks, get the steak temperature chart first. It shows the correct temperatures to cook meat at. Next, use an instant read meat thermometer to measure the internal temperatures of steaks. If you use a temperature chart and a thermometer, you can always cook safe and yummy steaks.

The two can remove the guesswork from your cooking and ensure that you achieve different doneness levels. So far, you know how you can cook perfect steaks with a chart and a high-quality kitchen thermometer. Keep practicing until you understand how to achieve each level of steak doneness. You will keep your customers or guests satisfied and happy after that.

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