Tips to Prevent Food from Sticking to BBQ Grill

Why Does my Food Stick to the BBQ?

Learning to cook great BBQ is a process, and that process can be frustrating. One of the most demoralizing aspects of becoming a great BBQ chef is preparing a feast only to find that your meat is sticking to your grill.

When you learn how to stop food from sticking to your BBQ, your meal-prep process is bound to get easier. If your food is sticking to your BBQ grill, there are a few things you can do. It usually comes down to one of three issues.

Are you Using the Right Oil?

Using oil is a popular means of making your BBQ grill non-stick. As you’re learning how to keep food from sticking to the grill grates, you’ll find that choosing and using the right oil is a crucial part of the overall cooking process. 

Make sure you’re using oil that has a smoking point of no less than 400 degrees Fahrenheit. This means your oil will cook your meat thoroughly without evaporating too quickly to keep your meat from sticking to the grill.

Canola oil, sunflower oil, and palm oil all work well for this purpose. If your meat is still sticking to your BBQ, you can try oiling your meat directly, instead of the grill. You can also try using a cooking spray.

Is Your Grill Clean?

How do you keep food from sticking to your grill grates? One of the most important elements in having a clean grill. You don’t need to constantly scrub your grill, but it’s important to clean your BBQ grill as needed to avoid impeding your meat-cooking process.

If your food is sticking to your BBQ, the grill may be insufficiently clean. Residue works like glue and will make your BBQ process more messy and sticky than it needs to be. Make sure to clean your BBQ grill on a regular basis, especially if you’re grilling a lot.

You can clean your BBQ grill using scrubbing pads, brushes, and water. This will be easier if the grill is somewhat warm. Alternately, you can try using chemicals to clean your grill, especially if it’s really dirty and sticky. 

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Make sure you understand and follow relevant safety guidelines and take precautions if you decide to go this route. Plus, if you want to be eco-friendly – maybe a bit ore elbow grease is required instead of chemicals… not to mention the potential of fumes and any chemicals not cleaned up getting into your food. 

Is your Grill Hot Enough?

If your BBQ grill isn’t hot enough to cook your meat, this may cause the food to stick to it, rather than cooking properly. Always make sure to preheat your grill. Ideally, it should be hot enough that you hear an appetizing sizzle from your meat when it gets close enough to absorb the heat before it makes contact with the grill’s surface.

The principles that apply in grilling BBQ will apply in all your cooking endeavors, but the details may vary. The temperatures you need to keep ribs from sticking to the grill are similar to those you need to keep chicken from sticking to the grill or to keep kebabs from sticking to the grill – but there are slight variations. Using the best meat thermometer, a state-of-the-art digital meat thermometer is the only way to be absolutely sure you’re where you want to be, temperature-wise, in your specific grilling situation.

Understanding cooking temperatures is an essential part of learning how to cook meat. Variations of only a few degrees can make the difference between bad BBQ and a good one – or a good BBQ and to a Great one! As you explore the art of grilling, we suggest arming yourself with the best meat thermometer you can get. Even top chefs use precise digital thermometers,  to make sure their meat is right at the temperature they want. Have a look at the best digital meat thermometer for grilling today, and get ready to take your BBQ skills to the next level.

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