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Are My Ribs Ready Yet? Knowing When Pork Ribs Are Cooked

When preparing ribs at home, you want to make sure they are properly done so that the meat is juicy yet tender. But how do you make sure that the ribs are cooked? You need to look at the baby back ribs temp to be able to tell if your meat is ready to be enjoyed. 

Discover the best techniques for checking the internal temperature of the meat and some other tips to achieve perfectly grilled ribs.


What is the Ideal Temperature for Baby Back Ribs?


ideal baby back ribs tempPork ribs that are cooked to perfection must be tender and succulent. To achieve this, you need to strive for an internal temperature of the baby back ribs of 195 to 200 degrees F. It’s not enough that the ribs are “done”. Just because the meat is ready to eat, it doesn’t mean that it is the best way to enjoy it.

In fact, the general guideline for the ribs’ internal temperature is 145 degrees F. If your ribs have reached this temperature, then you know it is cooked all the way through. However, the meat is still tough and chewy. This won’t make for great tasting ribs.

This is why it is important that you cook your ribs beyond just cooked. By allowing the ribs to reach a higher temperature, it will cause the collagen in the meat’s connective tissue to break down. Once broken down, the collagen turns into gelatin, and you can also melt the fat to produce super tender meat. 

The temperature you want to aim for if you want the best ribs is 225 degrees F. This is when the fat and collagen have melted from the meat and it has enough time to develop a crust. At this temperature, the surface has browned enough (but make sure to add the sauce once the ribs are nearly done so you don’t burn it). 


How Long Should You Cook Ribs For?


As mentioned above, the ideal internal baby back ribs temp is 145 degrees F. This will ensure that the ribs are cooked. But if you want to get the best tasting ribs, you have to cook it much longer.

There is no general rule on how long you should cook your ribs for. On average, it should be 4 to 7 hours, depending on how thick the meat is. The cooking temperature must also be taken into account, so you can adjust the cooking time. 

For example, if you are cooking a slab of ribs, you may cook it at 220-225 degrees F. You want to cook the ribs on a low heat and slowly to get succulent meat. You can also increase the cooking temperature and it will adjust your cooking time accordingly. 

The thicker cuts of ribs would take approximately 5 to 7 hours to cook. But if you have a smaller rack of ribs, you can cook it for 3 to 5 hours. 


How to Check the Internal Temperature of Baby Back Ribs?


ideal internal baby back ribs tempMeasuring the internal temperature of your baby back ribs is the best way to ensure that you have properly cooked the meat. However, checking the temperature of cooked baby back ribs is tricky because you want to make sure you have proper placement of the probe. 

You do not want to commit the mistake of placing the thermometer probe in the middle of the bones. The meat in this section will be lower in temperature than those that are close to the bone. For an accurate reading of temperature, you want to insert the probe on the meatiest part of the ribs, but not close to the bones. 

Once you achieve the ideal temperature, you can take the ribs off the heat and let them rest before carving or serving. 


Why Baby Back Ribs Shouldn’t Fall off the Bones?

Cooking ribs is something that almost everyone is familiar with. However, there is a misconception that you should aim for “fall off the bones” tenderness of the ribs. But grill experts would argue that this is not the best definition for perfectly cooked ribs. 

The only way for ribs to “fall off the bones” is when you boil or steam them for a certain amount of time. This kind of texture can ruin the ribs however, because they become soggy and mushy. The process of steaming or boiling the ribs can also take away most of its flavor. 

You don’t need the ribs to “fall off the bones”. You simply want meat that is tender and succulent, not chewy. You only need a slight tug for the meat to separate from the bones, it shouldn’t fall off on its own. What you should aim for is the same texture as a steak – soft yet juicy and bursting with flavor.


Additional Tips for Perfectly Cooked Ribs


Meat Smoking Guide


If you want ribs that are perfectly cooked, you need to take note of a few tips from the experts:


  • It starts with the meat selection. If you want the best tasting ribs, make sure that you choose the best quality ribs you can get your hands on. 
  • Choose the ideal cooking temperature. The best way to cook the ribs is low and slow. You can cook your ribs at 225 to 250 degrees F to slowly melt the collagen in the meat until it becomes tender and gelatinous in texture. You cannot rush the cooking process. Give the meat time to become tender and succulent. 
  • Carefully watch your ribs to ensure the internal temperature is at 145 degrees F. You don’t want the ribs to keep cooking once it has reached 190 to 225 degrees F. It should not come off the bones on its own. The meat should still have a bite to it. 

There are plenty of tests that you can do to check if the ribs are done. However, you only need your trusty meat thermometer in the kitchen to do the job for you. Don’t waste your time or risk serving undercooked or overcooked ribs – get it right every single time by using your thermometer to get an accurate reading of the meat. 


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