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Chicken Internal Temp – Breast, Thigh, Fried, Roast Chicken

It is easier to cook other types of meat than chicken. Chicken has white meat and dark meat. Chicken breast is white meat, and it cooks quickly. Thighs are dark meat, and they need more heat to cook well. When cooking any part of a chicken body, you need an instant read thermometer to read temperatures correctly. There are different temperatures to consider. First, you must set the oven temperature correctly.

As the chicken cooks, assess it to know its internal cooking temperature. Additionally, consider the safe internal temperature by the USDA’s food safety chart. This is the temperature level that can remove harmful bacteria from the chicken. Lastly, you have to reach the perfect temperature for the level of doneness you are targeting.

According to the USDA, the correct minimum cooking temperature for chicken is 165F (74C). When cooking the chicken’s white meat (chicken breast), consider reaching this minimum temperature. Use a reliable instant read meat thermometer to check the internal temperature of chicken breast. Pull it from the grill at 162F (72C) and allow the carryover cooking to happen. During this time, the temperature will rise until it reaches 165F (74C).

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When cooking the dark meat areas of a chicken, you need more than 165F (74C) to reach the targeted level of doneness. If you want these parts to have a better taste, ensure a heat range of 175F (79C) to 180F (82C). Thighs have more connective tissues. Thus, if you cook them at the minimum allowed chicken internal temperature of 165F (74C), you will yield a tough, rubbery texture. The higher temp range of 175F (79C) to 180F (82C) will ensure that the meat is soft and juicy.

Cooked chicken temp if you roast your bird

To cook a perfect roast chicken, follow the simple steps shown below:

effects of injecting meat before smoking or bbq
  • Turn the oven temperature to 500F (260C).
  • Assuming your chicken is ready, place it in a pan.
  • Season it with pepper, salt, and a spice of your choice if you want.
  • Insert an electronic meat thermometer into the thickest part of the chicken breast. Make sure you choose a probe thermometer like the one in the following picture.
  • Set the thermometer alarm at 162F (72C).
  • Place the chicken in the oven and reduce the oven temperature to 350F (177C).
  • Let it cook for ninety minutes. The alarm will sound to alert you.
  • Pull your chicken breast from the oven. Leave it alone for thirty minutes with the probe thermometer still attached.
  • Cut and serve your succulent roast chicken breast.

When you allow the meat to rest, the temperature in the chicken breast will rise above 165F (74C) for more than eight minutes. The dark meat areas will have a temperature of around 200F (93C). After thirty minutes, your probe meat thermometer will read 120F (49C). It is a good sign that your tender and juicy chicken is ready for carving.

Use a digital food thermometer to fry chicken breast and thighs

How can you cook the best-fried chicken? First, choose a healthy bird. You can purchase it whole or in sections. It is wiser to buy the chicken whole and cut it into pieces at home. The chicken pieces you need to fry are the breast and thighs. The rest of the chicken body can produce a delicious soup. To start preparing your chicken breast and thighs for frying, do the following:

  • Apply chicken seasoning to the breast and thighs.
  • Make flour and seasoning blend and use it to coat the meat.
  • Heat your cooking oil in a sturdy pan on a stovetop.
  • Next, place your chicken breast and thighs in the hot oil.
  • When the skin side facing the oil browns, flip the meat to let the other side cook.
  • Thighs are not as thick as the chicken breast. So you need to attain the chicken internal temp of 175 (79C) to 180F (82C).
  • Let the chicken breast cook until it reaches a minimum internal temperature of 165F (74C). By then, it will have browned. You can finish cooking it in the oven at 350F (177C) if you need soft, juicy, and crunchy meat. To read this temperature correctly, choose our Chefstemp Finaltouch X10 thermometer.
  • After resting the fried chicken, you can now serve it with whatever else you want.

How to cook boneless and skinless chicken breast?

Do you like your chicken moist, tender, and flavorful? If so, fry it in a pan and then simmer it. The ingredients you require are the best instant read meat thermometer, a skillet with a cover, a boneless skinless chicken breast, and seasoning. Here are the simple steps following:

  • Season your chicken breast with salt and pepper. Some people like to add spices too. You can sprinkle some spice over meat.
  • Use medium-high temperature to heat the oil in your skillet. When it is hot enough, grease the chicken lightly with a cooking spray. Alternatively, use some oil to grease it.
  • Place the chicken breast in the pan and cook until one side browns. Flip the breast to brown the other side.
  • Add water to the pan until is roughly ½-inch full. Reduce heat to medium and let the breast cook for five to eight minutes. If it is a larger chicken breast, let it cook for a few more minutes.
  • Insert the best meat thermometer in the chicken breast. Ensure it reads 165F (74C). Remove and let it rest for about five minutes. Serve your chicken breast.
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Cooking flavorful chicken thighs

Once you remove your meat from the fridge, let it absorb the room temperature for about twenty minutes. You want to do this to avoid cooking uneven and tough meat. Another consideration when cooking thighs is that the skin needs to be dry. So, wipe your chicken thighs with a paper towel. Now you can proceed like this:

  • Season the chicken thighs with paprika and salt. You can also add cayenne pepper.
  • Place a large-sized cast iron pan over medium-high heat. Add two tablespoons of oil and preheat it for two minutes.
  • Add chicken thighs with the skin side facing down and cook them for eight minutes.
  • Pick up the pan and place it in an oven. Let the thighs cook for nine minutes. Turn them over and let them cook for three minutes.
  • Remove the chicken from the oven when the temperature reading on the kitchen thermometer is 170F (77C) to 180F (82C).
  • Let it rest for five minutes and then serve with rice.


Now we have come to the end of this article. We have shared some recipes you can try when you want to roast or fry chicken breasts and thighs. No matter what, make sure you check the chicken internal temperature when cooking. It will ensure that you serve a lump of delicious and safe chicken meat. Use the best food thermometer to take temperature readings. None can rival the Chefstemp thermometers you see in this article, so choose one.


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