Comparison between the Thermoworks Thermapen One and the Chefstemp Finaltouch X10

A food thermometer is an essential tool for cooking that accurately displays the internal temperature of the food, especially meat. Standard food safety training insists that food and certain types of meat should be cooked to a specific internal temperature before it is safe to eat. An instant read thermometer is one of the most sought after types on the market because of its fast read times and pinpoint accuracy in reading. 

If you are in the market for an instant read thermometer, there are two models that stand out among the options out there: the Thermoworks Thermapen One and the Chefstemp Finaltouch X10. Use this guide to help you decide which of these two thermometers make a better investment.


Thermoworks Thermapen One

The Thermapen One is an instant-read thermometer that was designed to replace its predecessor, the Mk4. On the outside, these two look the same, but as soon as you delve deeper into the list of features and capabilities, you realize there is much more here.

The Thermapen range from Thermoworks is the first instant-read thermometer to be released into the market. Hence, every other instant-read thermometer will be up against it in terms of performance and functions. This one truly lives up to its name because it can produce temperature readings within one second.

The super-fast temperature read with the Thermapen One can measure within ±0.5°F accuracy. It also comes with a large auto rotating LCD display. Therefore, it is reliable, and you can easily see the reading on the LCD screen no matter what time of day you are grilling. Since the display auto rotates, you can easily see the numbers on display no matter what angle you are looking at them from.

The Thermapen ONE comes with a thick casing and IP67 waterproof standard. This makes the unit extremely durable. It is also backed with a five-year warranty that gives you peace of mind when you buy this unit. Even the probe housing is durable and rugged. Plus, you can conveniently fold the probe away when not using it.

This thermometer operates with a battery that extends to up to 2,000 hours in use and since the battery is rechargeable, you can conveniently keep it running.

Thermoworks Thermapen One compared to Chefstemp Finaltouch X10

Chefstemp Finaltouch X10

The Chefstemp Finaltouch X10 is a relative newcomer to the instant-read thermometer market. Even though it is a new entry, it boasts a solid construction, accurate readings, and a quick response time.

The Finaltouch X10’s probe can be folded into the main unit body with the capability of swivelling at 270 degrees. This is an excellent feature, especially for left-handed users because you can orient the tip of the probe at a 90-degree angle. Once the reading is in, the automatic display adjusts itself so that you can always see the numbers displayed correctly, freeing you from the hassle of guessing what number is shown or trying to read it at the perfect angle. Speaking of the display, it is back-lit, so you can easily read the display even in low light conditions. The numbers displayed are also large so easily readable.

The unit is convenient to turn on and off. Simply unfold the probe from its unit to switch it on. You can also save vital battery life because the unit will power itself off when left idle for a few minutes. It will switch on again if you unfold the probe.

The quality of the reading you get with the Finaltouch X10 is accurate. Plus, the response time is very good. You can get the readings within 1 second – as it should be with an instant-read thermometer. It is rated with an accuracy of ± 0.7°F.

Thermoworks Thermapen One and Chefstemp Finaltouch X10 which is better

Comparison between Thermoworks Thermapen One and Chefstemp Finaltouch X10

The Thermoworks Thermapen One and Chefstemp Finaltouch X10 are two of the top choices on the market for anyone looking for an instant-read thermometer. But how do they compare? Which one is a better investment of your money?

To compare these two, let’s look at the top areas of consideration to help you decide.


Accuracy in Reading

The Thermapen One has an accuracy rating of ± 0.5°F while the Finaltouch X10 is rated at ±0.7°F. The Thermapen One has a slight edge on this one, but that does not mean that the readings you get with the Finaltouch X10 aren’t reliable either.

Response Time

We know that both Thermapen One and Finaltouch X10 adopted superior Thermocouple technology. According to the manufacturer’s description, the Thermapen One has the same reading response time as the Finaltouch X10, both can show accurate readings in 1 second.

Ease of Use

The Finaltouch X10 from Chefstemp is easy to use, even for non-grilling enthusiasts. It comes with an auto-rotating display so you can easily read what’s on it, no matter the angle. The back-lit display makes reading easy and convenient to use, even at night or in low light conditions (no more squinting your eyes to read the display!). The probe can also be rotated at a 270-degree angle which makes it perfect for left-handed cooks or for reaching awkward angles. You also have the option to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit readings with the Finaltouch X10.

On the other hand, you get the same set of features with the Thermapen One, as described above. With a trusted brand that introduced instant-read thermometers to the market, you know what quality and performance to expect.


In terms of price, the Chefstemp Finaltouch X10 gets the edge. It is easier on the budget and given the set of features that you get, it means you get more value out of your money. The Finaltouch X10 retails at approximately $69 and the Thermapen One is available for $105. That is a significant price difference given that these two offer almost the same features and capabilities.



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