Grilling Tips to Make the Perfect BBQ Every Single Time

Whether this is the very first time you are grilling or you just need a refresher, the expert grilling tips we are going to discuss in this article will help you fire up the grill like a pro!

Anyone can grill.

However, how high should you heat the grill? What can be the best way to BBQ? What kind of charcoal should you use to cook healthy and delicious meat? How long does it take to cook different meat like beef, chicken or perhaps pork? All of the aforementioned queries are of great importance. One small mistake can make your BBQ experience hell or heaven – it is all up to you.

Let’s unveil some of the best grilling tips to make perfect BBQ.

The first and foremost thing to consider before starting off with BBQ is what type of grill you are going to use. People usually use propane, gas, charcoal or electric grills to make BBQ. Here is how you can identify what type of grill is yours:

  • A grill with a cord is an electric grill.
  • If your grill has a tank beneath its unit, you are likely to have a propane grill.
  • If your grill contains buttons and knobs, you probably have a gas grill.
  • Lastly, if your grill seems basic and ordinary with no buttons and no knobs, it is likely to be a charcoal grill.
Grill Type

Get The Right Barbecue

Right Barbecue

Making your BBQ perfect is easy ever than before – only if you are aware of the useful tips and tricks. It might sound basic but there are two essential things that you must keep in mind before getting started with barbeque this time.

  • The first thing that can help you make your experience perfect is it has to be a charcoal one. Although, there is nothing wrong with gas BBQ, however; it helps not get any extra Smokey flavor to your food.
  • The second thing that you should keep in mind is that you need a lid. It helps lock in flavor as well as keep the temperature constant.

Select The Right Meat

One of the most important factors before grilling is to choose the right protein-packed meats. Why? Because different kinds of meat are required to be cooked at different temperatures – what is a temperature danger zone and how to avoid it, read here. Such as if you are grilling chicken it will take less time and can be cooked at a relatively low temperature. However, if it is beef that you are planning to enjoy your day with, then it would require more time to get cooked, also high temperature. Therefore, it is necessary to select the right meat to have a great BBQ experience this time around!

Avoid Plastic Rather Use Metal Utensils

The kind of utensils you are using for grilling is also of utmost importance. Why? Because they might change the flavor of the food. Also, plastic utensils will melt and that can be dangerous for you and your health as well. It is wise to always consider such little factors before starting off your grilling to have a remarkable BBQ experience with your loved ones.

Metal Utensils

Oil It Up

Grills need oil to keep meat or any other food from sticking on them. Even on a clean grill, food may stick when placed directly. Oiling your grill will help you cook food correctly and without getting stick to them. You can oil your grill before you turn on the grill as well as a little hot grill. You can use a vegetable oil-soaked paper towel for oiling the grill as well as with cooking oil.

Pre Heat Your Grill

Grilling experts highly suggest pre-heating grill 20 to 25 minutes before you start cooking food to ensure the grilling temperature reaches the right temperature. This will not only help cook food at the right temperature but helps kill bacteria too.

Your grill should be:

  • 300-350°F for medium
  • 350-400°F for medium-high
  • 400-450°F for high
  • 250-300°F for low heat
Pre Heat Your Grill

Let Your Meat Rest Before Cooking

Just taking meat out of the refrigerator and throwing it on the fire is always a bad idea. If you are going to grill for BBQ and want it amongst the best experiences of your life, let your meat rest out of the fridge. The ideal time for this is at least 30 minutes – this will help you cook the perfect, tasty, delicious and healthy food eventually.

Invest in A Meat Thermometer

Grilling for BBQ while ascertaining the right and suggested temperature can be tricky to handle. It often becomes difficult to keep checking and evaluating the temperature every time. A temperature reader – a thermometer, can help make things easier.

Both the external grilling temperature and the inner meta temperature are of great importance. It is highly suggested to use a thermometer like the best instant-read thermometer to check and evaluate the temperature of meat or food. Additionally, you can also use a grill surface temp thermometer to check the grill temperature. Thermometers also help overcooking and undercooking foods ensuring that you eat all healthy and delicious foods with a lot of proteins and healthy nutrients.

Don’t Ever Put Water On Grill

Does your grill seem a bit hot? Does it seem like that the heating temperature is getting high and high? Don’t panic. Also, don’t ever try to put water on the grill. Rather cover the grill with whatever lid it has – covering the grill will help cut off the oxygen and the fire will diminish eventually.

A very few other beneficial tips include:

  • Keep the raw food away from the cooked
  • Create heat zones to cook better
  • Use low heat to cook chicken
  • Cook beef and pork over high heat
  • Wrap veggies in foil
  • Take it off the grill a little early
  • Get the suitable appropriate tools like tongs

To Conclude:

Hopefully, you are now all prepared for the grilling experience this time again. Pick and some delicious flavors and enjoy your time!

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