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From Traditional to Digital Thermometers – What Is the Future of Meat Thermometers?

Is an electronic meat thermometer a reality? Yes, it is a reality. Meat thermometers ensure the safety of cooked food. Even if you are a novice or an experienced cook, you cannot guess the food safety by its smell or appearance.

The best meat thermometer indicates the temperature danger zone and safe zone for the cooked meat. If the perishable food is in the danger zone for more than two hours, it gets poisoned.

ChefsTemp From Traditional to Digital Thermometers – What Is the Future of Meat Thermometers

Using an instant read meat thermometer when barbecuing can be very handy. Indeed, this method of cooking gives delicious food. Also, it is difficult to estimate the exact temperature to cook the barbecue. With the best cooking thermometer, you will know if the heat is suitable, and how long the products must remain on the grill to be cooked as desired. When cooking cuisine with several food items to be cooked simultaneously, a kitchen thermometer is all you need for a perfect meal.

Choose the right meat thermometer for you!

There are various types of meat thermometers available in the market, all with the sole purpose to indicate the internal cooked chicken temp. Choosing a different thermometer for different use brings more perfectness to cooking.

Most of the thermometers with electric probes are used to measure the core temperature of the meat. Some are placed directly in the piece of meat, or on the steak. Here, we will differentiate the meat thermometer based on their usage.

The digital thermometer works just as well on thick cuts as with thinner pieces. However, it cannot remain in the meat during cooking because it cannot withstand the heat of an oven. Therefore, it’s used at the end of the cooking.

A variant to digital BBQ thermometer is the one where the probe is attached to the screen by a cable (or cord) which allows the temperature to be checked. The screen allows you to choose the meat to be cooked (beef, pork, veal, lamb, etc.) and the type of cooking and indicates the temperature to be reached. The cord can be put in the oven and when the temperature is reached, the thermometer starts ringing. Some models have a dual stopwatch and timer function.

ChefsTemp From Traditional to Digital Thermometers – What Is the Future of Meat Thermometers

The oven thermometer remains in the meat throughout cooking because it is heat resistant. In this way, you can check that the cooking is going well by opening the oven and seeing the temperature on the dial. It is suitable for roasts but not for thin meats.

The dial thermometers are designed specifically for steaks and thin cuts such as cutlets. They indicate doneness rarely, medium, and well done; it is very convenient and easy to use.

A fork thermometer is an option that displays temperature readings including on minced steaks. This type of indicator fork can also display the degree of cooking and, in this case, will be more suitable for thicker cuts of meat.

Let’s learn to use a meat thermometer

When a piece of meat is taken out from the oven or over the grill, the temperature rises during the resting time. It might increase up to 4-6°C (from 40 to 44°F). The higher the cooking temperature, the more standing temperature. Hence, remove the meat when the temperature is a few degrees lower than the expected temperature. Check out the following steak temperature chart.

ChefsTemp From Traditional to Digital Thermometers – What Is the Future of Meat Thermometers

Measuring temperature for different types of meats

  • For rare meat, you are looking for a final temperature between 52 and 55°C (between 125 and 131°F).
  • For medium meat, the final temperature should be between 60 and 62°C (between 140 and 144°F).
  • For well-done meat: between 71 and 100°C (between 160 and 212°F).

Some important points to take care of

  • For a piece of meat that you would like to serve at 46°C (114°F): you must take it out of the oven at 42°C (107°F). During the standing time, the temperature reaches 46°C (114°F).
  • Use the grill thermometer First time when you take the meat out of the oven, and later after the standing time.
  • To properly take the temperature, insert the remote thermometerinto the thickest part of the meat.
  • Introduce it from the side to the center of the meat, without exceeding it.
  • Have patience and wait 10 seconds before reading the result.

ChefsTemp From Traditional to Digital Thermometers – What Is the Future of Meat Thermometers

“When you insert the smoker thermometer, do not touch the bone, because the temperature of the bone and the meat are not the same. This could skew the final result.”

Hopefully, these steps will help you choose the correct thermometer to check the chicken internal temp. Use a kitchen thermometer and cook your dish perfectly.

Future of meat thermometers

Are digital food thermometers worth it? Yes! Digital food thermometer is worth it. They operate using apps to send information about the temperature. When the set temperature is reached, the app rings an alert ringtone indicating that the meat is cooked perfectly.

A meat thermometer is not a gadget or a luxury that should be in use once in a while. On the contrary, the best food thermometer turns out to be one of the most useful kitchen utensils, especially since it can combine economy with meticulousness. Grilling or barbecuing is an art that requires patience, attention, and delicacy. And modernization has left its impact on this art significantly.

As we know, modernization and digitization have left no stone unturned. Meat thermometer and electronic meat thermometer are classic examples of futuristic cooking approaches in the food industry. The food industry is diverse. People love to eat more delicacies than raw, uncooked, or unhealthy food. Though kitchen thermometers are often useful in barbecuing or cooking meat, their usage has widely increased.

The modern-day digital thermometers help cook the meat with flavor, consistency, and safety. It also helps in time and task management. Thus, instant read meat thermometer is the future equipment and secret recipe for delicious food.

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