ChefsTemp How to Grill Chicken Wings

How to Grill Chicken Wings?

How well a meal is prepared comprises many things. You might get all the ingredients you need at times but still, prepare a tasteless meal. Grilling chicken wings isn’t exempted as if you don’t do it rightly, you won’t get the right taste and outcome you desire. Whether you are planning for that tailgate or football game, getting your chicken wings well-prepared isn’t something to take for granted.

While there are several procedures a lot of people use, this post will show you the best way to grill crispy chicken wings. It doesn’t matter if you are using a gas or charcoal grill; you can take advantage of the best meat thermometer to check your meat temperature. Nothing screams louder than a well-spiced chicken wing on the grill. It’s irresistible and sumptuous for everyone you invite.

ChefsTemp How to Grill Chicken Wings

Your first decision is to choose the chicken wings to use. You can opt for party wings since they have been split compared to whole chicken wings. Another reason for choosing the party wings is because they get cooked at a more even temperature. However, you can feel free to use the whole chicken wings if you think that will serve a better purpose. Furthermore, you need the best digital food thermometer to check the chicken internal temp.

Is There Any Need to Marinate Your Chicken Wings?

While some people marinate their chicken wings, it’s completely optional. Whatever divide you stand, there is nothing wrong with your choice.

Those who oppose marinating chicken wings think the wing is already juicy and tender. Therefore, exposing it to moisture isn’t needful. Secondly, adding a flavorful sauce at the end only overpowers the marinade.

Nevertheless, most people marinate chicken wings because it penetrates the meat, resulting in a good flavor on the outside and inside. Furthermore, marinades help tenderize the wings by breaking down the meat’s tissue. This helps avoid the chicken wing from drying out. In addition, using a marinade with an acidic base helps minimize any chemical formation resulting from excessive heat.

How to Grill Chicken Wings – Use the Best Meat Thermometer

Ensure you follow this step-by-step guide if you want to get the best spicy and crispy chicken wings. While it’s possible to check the doneness from outside, it is never advisable. Therefore, get the best meat thermometer to avoid your meat getting to the temperature danger zone.

Furthermore, there is also the conflict of using a gas grill or charcoal grill. We advise you use any option that is suitable for you. Nevertheless, a gas grill comes with several advantages, including less clean-up, convenience, and quick preheats.

ChefsTemp How to Grill Chicken Wings

Step 1 – Preparing Your Grill

Oiling the grilling rack is an essential part of the process. For direct grilling, you should use medium heat (350°F, or 177°C). Peradventure, you are using a gas grill with several burners; you should keep one off or under low temperature if you observe the other wings cooking faster.

Step 2 – Cooking Your Chicken Wings


You can use a bbq thermometer for this stage. However, your cooking time shouldn’t exceed 25 minutes. Leave the chicken wings on the grill with the lid closed for some minutes. Use your big tongs to check underneath the meats. Here, you have to be careful because some get darker faster because of the grill hot spots.

Once you observe some are getting darker too much, you can flip them over. You need to monitor and flip the chicken wings as they get dark. Assuming some get darker before the other and you use your meat thermometer to check them, you can move them to a cooler part on the grill.

Because they are darker doesn’t mean they are ready. While on the grill, the meat will keep cooking but not browning. Once it gets to 15 minutes after placing them on the grill, you can use an instant read thermometer to check if it has reached 165°F (74°C). Anyone that hasn’t reached that temperature can stay for some minutes. The goal is to get a nice wing charred on all sides and adequately cooked.

Step 3 – Remove from the Grill

You can read about how to use a meat thermometer to know when to check your meat doneness. Before removing the chicken wings from the grill, ensure they reach the desired temperature. In this situation, you need the best meat thermometer if you want to get that perfect spicy and crispy chicken grill that your visitors can’t resist.

ChefsTemp How to Grill Chicken Wings

Step 4 – Add Sauce to Your Chicken Wings

What are you waiting for after taking the meat off? Add sauce to make it look more delicious. You can purchase and use a BBQ sauce. Alternatively, you can make your own sauce and spread it on the chicken wings. Stir the chicken wings after adding the sauce and coat them if necessary

ChefsTemp How to Grill Chicken Wings

Step 5 – Serve Your Spicy Chicken Wings

There is nothing worth enjoying the works of your hand. Serve your grill chicken wings and let everyone have a taste of your lip-smacking chicken wings.

Tips When Grilling Chicken Wings

Keep your Seasonings Simple

It is important not to go overboard when seasoning your chicken wings. The less seasoning you use, the better it is for several reasons. You don’t want the chicken wings to start burning immediately. For simplicity, you can add pepper and salt to provide some taste. Nowadays, you can use bbq rubs that make the process easy.

Use the Best Meat Thermometer 

Chicken wings vary in thickness, and all can’t cook simultaneously. Therefore, the chicken’s internal temp should enable you to determine how long to grill the meat. Ensure to insert the kitchen thermometer into the thickest part while staying away from the bone. The ideal internal temperature for chicken wings is 165°F (74°C).

ChefsTemp How to Grill Chicken Wings


There is no rocket science in learning how to use a grill thermometer to check your chicken wings. Chicken wings are suitable for any celebration or occasion. Whatever chicken wings recipe you decide to make, you need perfectly grilled chicken wings.

While grilling your chicken wings, you need to ensure it reaches the recommended temperature. Using the best meat thermometer can help you determine if the chicken wings have reached 165°F (74°C).

To check the temperature at any time, you can stick a meat temperature chart magnet on the refrigerator or grill.

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