Perfectly Cooked Filet Mignon Prepared

Perfectly Cooked Filet Mignon Prepared Two Ways

Whenever it comes to cooking steaks, most of us would die to have one of the best meat cuts out of tenderloin. You don’t have to look for the steakhouses offering the perfect meaty cuisine at reasonable rates now. Go to the supermart, buy your stuff, and get started. Well, we agree to the point that it is expensive and that’s the reason why no home chef would want to ruin it or even agree to compromise.

Don’t forget to grab savory sauces to add to the natural flavors thereby giving your dinner table mates another chance to show gratitude for filling up their tummies with the best home-cooked steaks ever.

Which Part of the Cut Filet Mignon Comes?

part of the cut Filet Mignon

Filet Mignon comes from the most succulent part of the tenderloin and because of its valued texture, fillet mignon is amongst the costliest steak cuts, accounting for just around less than 3 percent of the overall of the whole animal. The butcher cuts it cross-sectionally out of the smallest end of the tenderloin. Tenderloin is the cut that runs along the lower backbone.

This is usually the most delicate and lean of the cuts. Because fillet mignon has a lighter aroma than in other cuts of beef, it is frequently topped with sauce or wrapped in bacon. Filet mignon is the costliest cut of beef due to the limited amount that may be killed from each animal.

Baking the Filet: A Good Idea?

There are many different ways one can opt for getting the filet mignon ready. But we would suggest first frying it superficially in a skillet using a bit of butter and then remove from the stovetop. Baking it in the oven will ensure tenderness till the center of the cut. On the other hand, cooking in the pan for a longer time will lead to charring it with a super hard crust and will also burn flavorful spices giving it quite an unpleasant taste.

Baking will always be a great idea to avoid if lose all the delicious taste. Cooking in the pan will also be good you just have to follow some of the useful steps that will not only impart unmatched taste to your buds rather make you crave for more. Try the baste, flip and roll strategy for finishing your fillet mignon in the pan. Turn the fillet on its side and move it carefully around the pan when the top and bottom of your steak have been properly browned. It’s time to marinate the meat when it has browned evenly on both sides.

Add a tablespoon or two of butter, a garlic clove or two, thyme, and rosemary to the pan. Allow the flavors in the butter to sizzle, then tilt the pan gently towards you to allow the butter to collect at the bottom. Pour the sizzling melted butter all over the meat with a spoon. Aim for 125°F (51°C) inner temperature for an ideal medium-rare.

Cooking Time

First thing’s first, place the filet in the heat source whether in the pan, oven, or grill. Keep a food thermometer handy and check the internal temp that will gradually reach the desired level that is 125°F (51°C). It is quintessential to give it some resting time for about 5 to 10 minutes away from the stove.

Afterward, place it in the cooker and allow it to reach the above-mentioned temp once again.

The only purpose of resting time is to allow the flavors and juices to get flowing throughout the steak. Rest time is of paramount importance while cooking and all the expert chefs recommend it to give your cooking expertise an extra drive.

Baking the Filet

Internal Temp Chart

Below are the temperatures properly listed to make it simple for the home chefs and beginners specifically, to gauge inner temperatures while cooking and identifying five various doneness levels.

Preparedness Level

Internal Temp

Color w.r.t. doneness


red inside

125°F (51°C)

Medium Rare

Slightly red at the center

135°F (57°C)


The center is a soft pink color

145°F (62°C)

Medium Well

Moderately pink center

150°F (65°C)

Well Done

Light brown or golden brown center

160°F (71°C)

Tips for Getting the Greatest Outcomes

To have the best steak cooking experience with filet mignon, one must not overlook a few tips and tricks. Before getting started, take the filet out of the refrigerator almost 50 minutes earlier and let it loose all its chilling temperature.

Besides, take a skillet according to the filet size and preheat it with brushing some butter or cooking oi containing good fats. Once the steak almost comes to the room temp, let it meet the pan. This will go for any sort of cooking mode, whether in the oven, pan or on the grill.

After putting the steak into the pan, constantly keep an eye on the burner to avoid overcooking. Add some more butter keeping the stove at medium or low degree. This will prevent both the contents in the skillet to burn. With regular intervals, check the inner temp using food thermostats.

getting the greatest outcomes

Food Thermometer to Cook Perfect Steaks

All great chef, whether he works as a master worker in one of the world’s most prominent restaurants or runs their own kitchen, is required to have a fully functioning thermometer during a cookout or cookinG. Keeping a functional digital thermometer on hand as critical kitchen equipment is always a smart and necessary habit.

Keeping a good kitchenware set not only helps you exhibit your dish to the eaters at the family dinner in a beautiful manner, but it also helps you save money. It also enhances the cook’s confidence. To determine the precise interior thermal energy of the meat, a number of food thermometers are available. Thermostats also decide whether food is safe to eat and whether it is fully cooked or still raw. When making your food, it’s also critical to stick to the recommended temperature range. The temperature of the cooked item indicates if it has attained the required level of doneness.

Most of the home chefs underappreciate using food thermometers and encourage traditional methods to check the internal temperatures.

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